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When purchased:
Nov 17, 2008
Item:Blue Stripes - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Beautiful diaper, excellent quality, I will continue to buy from this seller!
2008-11-28 02:35:37
When purchased:
Nov 17, 2008
Item:Teal Velour Wipe
Customer service:Great as always. Item was shipped super fast.
Product review: So well made and the colour is beautiful. Soft, soft, soft.
2008-11-26 09:21:12
When purchased:
Nov 13, 2008
Item:Robots - multi-size
Customer service:Perfect!! It arrived very quickly!
Canada to Chicago not bad!
Product review: OMG ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!
Beautiful diaper.
Great quality, awesome product.

We will be coming back to get more diaper soon!
thank you for the cute wipe that came along in our package! :)

2008-11-24 04:17:45
When purchased:
Nov 4, 2008
Item:Teal 70's Stripe - multi-size
Customer service:Lisa is great! She always emails me back right away when I have a question, no matter how silly it is!! :0)
Product review: The Camouflage diaper is way more beautiful in-person than it looks on-screen! Pictures do NOT do it justice. There are gold details in the diaper that really make it special. It has become a favorite diaper here :) The teal 70's stripe is pretty too, and the fit and absorbency of BubuBebe diapers can't be beat! Love them!
2008-11-22 07:18:39
When purchased:
Oct 6, 2008
Item:Euro Vivi Ete Green - multi-size
Customer service:Fast shipping.
Product review: Love the fabrics for the diapers.
2008-11-21 06:57:09
When purchased:
Nov 10, 2008
Item:Blue & Brown Stripes - multi-size
Customer service:Great service, fast shipping! Thank you!
Product review: Love these diapers! Thanks again!
2008-11-21 02:36:23
When purchased:
Nov 3, 2008
Item:Custom - Michelle
Customer service:Great at answering questions quickly!
Product review: Loved the custom made diapers. They're smaller than I expected, so whether or not they will fit my baby girl well in a few months remains to be seen. Also experienced a leak today, but it might have been because I didn't snap tight the waist as much as I should have.
2008-11-20 08:08:53
When purchased:
Nov 10, 2008
Item:Custom - Karen
Customer service:Lisa is great, answered all my questions & made changes for me.
Product review: I bought nb dipes this time, and they look amazing! Can't wait to try them out!
2008-11-20 03:23:20
When purchased:
Nov 10, 2008
Item:Ooga Booga - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: I love this diaper, it is so cute and well made and fits my little man like a dream! I will definitely be back for more!
2008-11-17 04:23:31
When purchased:
Nov 3, 2008
Item:Euro Blue LaMoca - multi-size
Customer service:Great customer service!
Product review: I am in love with my bububebe! Awesome diaper!!
2008-11-17 12:46:23
When purchased:
Oct 25, 2008
Item:Canary Bloom OBV - multi-size
Customer service:Great CS!
Product review: Beautiful OBV Canary Bloom diaper. Ordered a wipe, too....GREAT size & so soft!
2008-11-17 12:26:06
When purchased:
Oct 20, 2008
Item:Multi-stripes - multi-size
Customer service:Incredible customer service, as always!! Lisa is wonderful.
Product review: My fave diapers right now. Great fit, super absorbent and beautiful.
2008-11-16 08:23:37
When purchased:
Oct 6, 2008
Item:Aqua Giraffes - newborn
Customer service:Quick shipping!
Product review: Beautiful diaper. I can't wait to try this out on my baby due in April! :)
2008-11-16 07:09:50
When purchased:
Oct 19, 2008
Item:Morning Glory - newborn
Customer service:amazing! she has the best communication.
Product review: well my baby isn't here yet, but the diaper seems really well made. i can't wait to try it on my sweet new baby!
2008-11-16 06:35:31
When purchased:
Nov 3, 2008
Item:Pink Monkey - Scraps
Customer service:Awesome super fast shipping!
Product review: I have not yet used the dipe since it is part of a diaper christmas present, but I am sure I will LOVE it. I have heard rave reviews, and will be back to order more soon! Thanks! A+++++
2008-11-15 12:30:07
When purchased:
Oct 14, 2008
Item:Peach Linear - Scraps
Customer service:Super quick shipper!
Product review: Awesome scraps mama!
2008-11-13 12:18:08
When purchased:
Nov 3, 2008
Item:Pink & Chocolate Floral - multi-size
Customer service:Fantastic!! Communication was great and shipping was super fast (we are in Canada also). And the wipe was super cute - thanks Lisa!!
Product review: Absolutely the best fitted I've tried! I can't believe the workmanship that goes into these diapers! I can't wait to get more :)
2008-11-11 01:48:14
When purchased:
Oct 6, 2008
Item:Garden Bouquet - newborn
Customer service:This seller was great to work with. She shipped my order the very next day.
Product review: We love our BubuBebe diapers! We have a newborn diaper and a one size and they both fit our 12lb baby girl wonderfully. The sherpa wipes are the best we have seen- so soft!
2008-11-08 09:14:27
When purchased:
Aug 11, 2008
Item:Fire Minkee - multi-size
Customer service:Excellent customer service! This is my second order with Bubu Bebe and the customer service is beyond what I expected.
Product review: We love these diapers, especially the Minkee. They are very absorbent, trim and cute.
2008-11-06 09:18:30
When purchased:
Aug 1, 2008
Item:Later Gator with funky snaps SECOND - multi-size
Customer service:Good customer service
Product review: I really like our multi-size Bubu Bebe fitted diapers. They are very absorbent and cute.
2008-11-06 09:17:08
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