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When purchased:
Jan 12, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Hawaiian Dolphins - multi-size
Customer service:Good.
Product review: Wonderful diaper. So soft and squishy!!!
2009-02-01 11:51:12
When purchased:
Dec 12, 2008
Item:Custom - Adriana
Customer service:wonderful communication, very helpful and fast shipping
Product review: these are my new faves! i love them!
2009-01-31 01:00:35
When purchased:
Jan 12, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Grass Giraffes - multi-size
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: I love this diaper! The fit is great! I love how you can arrange the soaker. Awesome quality! Cute print!
2009-01-29 11:56:04
When purchased:
Dec 29, 2008
Item:15% OFF! Chinese Candy - multi-size
Customer service:again A++
Product review: fit is great, daughter is loving bubu!
2009-01-29 02:07:16
When purchased:
Dec 27, 2008
Item:15% OFF! Peach Linear - multi-size
Customer service:A++
Product review: Wonderful as always! I will be back =]
2009-01-29 02:06:19
When purchased:
Jan 19, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Ooga Booga - multi-size
Customer service:Awesome!! Lisa is just the best WAHM. I really appreciate being able to pay in Canadian funds during these tough economic times. Thanks for the free wipe too!
Product review: The new bigger size is wonderful. Such a great fit on my LO and I know she'll be able to wear them for a long time. I bought a few for a baby shower gift and the recipient was delighted as well.
2009-01-28 09:07:14
When purchased:
Jan 6, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Koi Fish - multi-size
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Love the new size! It fits even better than the old size and that's saying a lot! SUPER soft fabric too!!
2009-01-27 05:04:11
When purchased:
Nov 3, 2008
Item:Puppies - multi-size
Customer service:great customer service
Product review: wonderful diapers as always.
2009-01-26 11:24:52
When purchased:
Jan 12, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Dalmation Minkee - multi-size
Customer service:Great communication and fast shipping.
Product review: Beautiful diapers as usual, well made and very soft.
2009-01-23 12:25:03
When purchased:
Dec 29, 2008
Item:15% OFF! Winter Butterflies - multi-size
Customer service:Lisa is superb at communicating! Very informative, and quick to answer questions! :)
Product review: Again, a wonderfully made, gorgeous diaper! Lush and stands up to my Katie's river rushes!! Thank you!!!!!!!!
2009-01-22 10:25:35
When purchased:
Dec 28, 2008
Item:15% OFF! Euro Flowers - multi-size
Customer service:Lisa is so great at returning emails, and communicating!!! Very prompt responses, and down to earth! Thanks Lisa!!!!!!!!!
Product review: Omygoodness, it was all I hoped for and more! GORGEOUS, just gorgeous. SO well made, it's unbelievable! Soft and luxurious...need I say more? KATE LOVES THEM on her tushie!! THANK YOU!!!
2009-01-22 10:24:21
When purchased:
Jan 5, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Sports - multi-size
Customer service:Great!!
Product review: I love the new size. It fits my son so well. The absorbancy is outstanding too.
2009-01-21 11:30:14
When purchased:
Sep 15, 2008
Item:Rainbow Stripes - multi-size
Customer service:She was great in helping me change my address to gift the diaper to a friend!!
Product review: I LOVE bubus!!
2009-01-21 12:06:08
When purchased:
Sep 29, 2008
Item:Construction - multi-size
Customer service:EXCELLENT!
Product review: I LOVE bubus!!
2009-01-21 12:05:28
When purchased:
Oct 13, 2008
Item:Blue & Brown Stripe - multi-size
Customer service:GREAT!
Product review: I LOVE bubus!!
2009-01-21 12:05:10
When purchased:
Dec 29, 2008
Item:15% OFF! Turquoise Swirl - multi-size
Customer service:Quick to ship!
Product review: I love bubu's!
2009-01-20 07:31:34
When purchased:
Nov 10, 2008
Item:Bugs - multi-size
Customer service:Great CS. Quick shipping.
Product review: Great diapers. So squishy and soft. Very absorbant and so cute! Thanks so much.
2009-01-18 10:54:50
When purchased:
Jan 9, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Bombers - multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful, fast shipping and we love the free wipes included with each order.
Product review: Beautiful diapers, the new size fit my large toddler very well, and are absorbent enough for nap and nighttime. We'll be back for more!
2009-01-16 02:10:48
When purchased:
Oct 6, 2008
Item:Grass Giraffes - multi-size
Customer service:No issues!
Product review: Very nicely made, the one size feature looks like it will be easy to manage. (this is for the new baby so I haven't been able to try it out yet.) Thanks!
2009-01-16 10:41:13
When purchased:
Dec 29, 2008
Item:15% OFF! Giraffe - multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful!
Product review: I am sooooooooo in love with this diaper and can't wait to get another!!
2009-01-16 12:04:35
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