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When purchased:
Feb 16, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Turquoise Swirl - multi-size
Customer service:fast shipping considering, as always, smooth transaction
Product review: i am loveing the new size! at first i was like wow these are big, but the fit is great! i loved the other size to but i can see the benifits of the new size! Lisa you rock!
2009-03-01 11:33:16
When purchased:
Jan 5, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Blue Ooga - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Love the new fit!
2009-03-01 03:01:44
When purchased:
Feb 16, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Retro Beads - multi-size
Customer service:Very quick shipping! I ordered it on a Monday and received it on a Tuesday a week later (only 8 days!)
Product review: I love your diapers. This one is so cute. Very bright colored inner though. I love the new size as well, fits my daughter much better.
2009-02-27 02:44:59
When purchased:
Feb 1, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Simply Luxurious Denim OBV - multi-size
Customer service:Good customer service. One of the diapers had escaped her inspection and ended up with some of the fabric not caught in the serging. She immediately responded when I told her of my situation and offered to fix the diaper as well as refund my shipping...
Product review: Love them!
2009-02-27 12:34:16
When purchased:
Feb 2, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Blue Ooga - multi-size
Customer service:Quick to ship! Lisa is always quick to answer any questions I've had.
Product review: Wonderfully soft and squishy! I love the new sizing :)
2009-02-27 12:32:56
When purchased:
Feb 16, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Blue Ooga - multi-size
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: Love the diapers, they are working great and look beautiful. The scrap bags are great as well, nice large scraps.
2009-02-26 10:13:15
When purchased:
Feb 11, 2009
Item:Camo - multi-size
Customer service:Perfect customer service as always!
Product review: Love the diaper! Looks great, fits great, works wonderfully.
2009-02-26 10:00:46
When purchased:
Feb 16, 2009
Item:Paw Prints/Sherpa Wipe
Customer service:great cs as always
Product review: love these wipes. nice and big and so soft.
2009-02-26 07:39:47
When purchased:
Feb 11, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Dotty Elephants - multi-size
Customer service:Fast shipping.
Product review: Adorable product. These are our favorite diapers.
2009-02-26 05:36:43
When purchased:
Sep 29, 2008
Item:Pansies - multi-size
Customer service:great diapers thanks
Product review:
2009-02-25 09:56:21
When purchased:
Feb 17, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Retro Yellow Dot Minkee - multi-size
Customer service:Wow, I received my order within a week. I think that is great considering where it is coming from Canada.
Product review: I love my minkee dipe. It is so soft and absorbant. Great quality dipe!!
2009-02-25 01:57:25
When purchased:
Feb 11, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Cranberry Stripe - multi-size
Customer service:GREAT!!! A++
Product review: I have not used it but it looks very well made!!
2009-02-25 12:13:04
When purchased:
Dec 30, 2008
Item:FFS Lottery - Pansies - multi-size
Customer service:very good
Product review: wow. these are great, soft, fluffy and pretty. Brilliant snap setup!
2009-02-24 09:07:03
When purchased:
Feb 11, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Retro Circles - multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful! Fast shipping! It only took a little over a week to get to Texas!
Product review: Perfect! I love BubuBebe diapers!
2009-02-24 07:25:34
When purchased:
Feb 11, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Love Notes - multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful as always!
Product review: So soft and squishy! I love it!
2009-02-24 07:23:54
When purchased:
Feb 11, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Bicycles - multi-size
Customer service:Thanks!
Product review:
2009-02-24 06:11:54
When purchased:
Jan 31, 2009
Item:15% OFF! Euro Blue OBV - newborn
Customer service:Quick shipping
Product review: I really like the diaper. I have not used it yet as I am not really TTC yet but wanted to start getting some NB diapers while I still could and had PP. Nicely sewn and very soft.
2009-02-24 05:25:06
When purchased:
Feb 16, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Blue Monkeys - multi-size
Customer service:Great as usual, nicely packaged and fast shipping.
Product review: Beautiful diapers!
2009-02-24 03:00:39
When purchased:
Jan 30, 2009
Item:25% OFF! Green & Taupe Camo - newborn
Customer service:Customer service was amazing =)
Product review: I have not used my products yet because i purchased them to build a new born stash but i am so in love with the diapers and they are made really well!!! I will definately purchase from her again! =)
2009-02-24 01:52:01
When purchased:
Feb 2, 2009
Item:FFS LOTTERY! Floral Fantasy - newborn
Customer service:
Product review: This is soooo pretty. Much prettier than it looks online. I love how soft and squishy these diapers are. I've already bought another one and look forward to each week's stocking for new prints!
2009-02-21 10:34:55
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