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When purchased:
Feb 3, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Birds OBV - multi-size
Customer service:love this dipe! thanks!
Product review: soft, absorbent, adorable
2009-05-04 06:29:00
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2009
Item:Custom - Sandi
Customer service:
Product review: great person to work with! will definately get customs again!
2009-05-01 03:23:39
When purchased:
Apr 6, 2009
Item:Winter Butterflies - multi-size
Customer service:Fast Shipping, wonderful communication!
Product review: We love our BuBue BeBe (B4) diapers! Adorable prints, great fit, and super absorbent. I find them to be the ONLY true one-size fitted diaper available. We have bought more since our first purchase and will continue to be a B4 customer. Thanks for a great product!
2009-04-28 06:15:03
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2009
Item:Custom - Katy
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Love the diapers so much! Thank you!! I'll be a repeat customer, for sure :)
2009-04-27 12:11:25
When purchased:
Apr 6, 2009
Item:Safari - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Great diaper, fabulous fit
2009-04-26 08:54:27
When purchased:
Mar 9, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Blue Bubbles OBV - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Great diaper, fabulous fit
2009-04-26 08:54:22
When purchased:
Feb 11, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Ooga Booga OBV - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Great diaper, fabulous fit
2009-04-26 08:54:09
When purchased:
Mar 2, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Firetrucks- multi-size
Customer service:No customer service issues. Easy transaction.
Product review: Love it. Such a cute print and well made diaper. Love the removable soakers and the snaps are the best of any one size diaper I have used. I love how tight I can make them on my skinny son. I would have a large stash of these if I could afford it.
2009-04-26 03:53:52
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2009
Item:Custom - Aimee
Customer service:Great communication. This was a custom slot and she was very quick to get to me.
Product review: Diapers are gorgeous as always. Wonderful selection of prints, quality of diapers is top notch. These are TRULY one size diapers. I still fold the rise down for my 20 lb little one!
2009-04-25 03:31:01
When purchased:
Apr 3, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Owls - multi-size
Customer service:You have been a pleasure to work with! Thanks so much.
Product review: I love my Owls diaper. And my little guy loves to wear it! He's always bending over looking at it. This diaper is so soft and luxurious. And so absorbant!

Thanks again,
Marnie Z
2009-04-21 11:58:11
When purchased:
Apr 21, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Easter Stripes - multi-size
Customer service:HI!! Is it possible to pay for this with my credit card? Also, where to I put in my address etc?

Product review:
2009-04-21 10:13:49
When purchased:
Apr 6, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Fairies - multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful CS and fast shipping!!
Product review: I love all of your diapers and i cannot wait to buy more and more of them!! Great colors wonderful workmanship!!
2009-04-19 01:03:53
When purchased:
Sep 10, 2008
Item:Frogs - multi-size
Customer service:The CS is outstanding!
Product review: These diapers as always are the best OS diaper and the most absorbant!
2009-04-18 10:32:46
When purchased:
Apr 6, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Sports - multi-size
Customer service:Great customer service as always! I accidentally paid twice and Lisa refunded me before I even noticed it!
Product review: These diapers are beautiful and so well-made. I am hooked for life!
2009-04-17 12:30:48
When purchased:
Mar 30, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Blue & Brown Stripes - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Very nice diaper!
2009-04-17 12:24:45
When purchased:
Mar 25, 2009
Item:Custom - Stacey
Customer service:Awesome customer service. Worked with me to make sure my choices for fabrics (inner and outer) coordinated and would look good. Took about 2 weeks to complete and a week to ship. Very happy and will order a custom again :-)
Product review: Love it! Love the fabric (graffiti) and the inner is just sooooo soft!
2009-04-15 06:21:51
When purchased:
Mar 25, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Purple Butterflies - multi-size
Customer service:Fast Shipping! Very friendly CS :)
Product review: Wonderfully made diaper! Truly a OS fitted - would buy more for sure.
2009-04-15 03:30:30
When purchased:
Mar 26, 2009
Item:Orange Velour Wipe
Customer service:Lisa was super to work with :-)
Product review: I love the custom diapers I ordered! BubuBebes are our new favorite diaper :-)
2009-04-14 04:42:49
When purchased:
Mar 9, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Ooga Booga OBV - multi-size
Customer service:Awesome communication, fast shipping and a pleasure to deal with.
Product review: Most absorbant fitted out there.
2009-04-08 03:17:26
When purchased:
Mar 20, 2009
Item:NEW SIZE! Pink Chocolate Floral - multi-size
Customer service:Excellent. After I ordered I was given an estimate when they would arrive from Canada. I got them exactly when I was told I would.
Product review: Great diaper, very squishy! We love it!
2009-04-07 11:29:40
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