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Oct 21, 2009
Item:Ooga Booga COBV - multi-size
Customer service:Very fast shipping, thank you!
Product review: We love our new diapers. They run a little bigger than others, but perfect for us :)
2009-11-07 12:23:22
When purchased:
Oct 8, 2009
Item:Purple Velour Wipe
Customer service:Great customber service.
Product review: Beautiful wipes. Nice and big.
2009-10-30 09:55:56
When purchased:
Oct 7, 2009
Item:Moose OBV - multi-size
Customer service:quick shipping and excellent customer service.
Product review: super absorbent and great fit.
2009-10-27 02:11:49
When purchased:
Sep 28, 2009
Item:Custom - Kelly
Customer service:Excellent as always
Product review: Beautiful!
2009-10-26 01:52:39
When purchased:
Sep 28, 2009
Item:Custom - Allison
Customer service:Great communication and fast work on a custom.
Product review: I love my B4s!
2009-10-20 12:05:38
When purchased:
Oct 5, 2009
Item:Skateboard Monkeys/Sherpa Wipe
Customer service:I bought. It shipped. I got it.
Product review: I purchased the Minkee version and it is awesome. Great construction and design, it is hands down the best night time diaper that i've used. And i've tried a lot. The outside stays pretty much dry to the touch, even after a whole night.
Plus, they are super soft on your baby's bottom.
2009-10-19 12:38:25
When purchased:
Aug 18, 2009
Item:Monkeys Burp & 1 wipe & Bib Set
Customer service:
Product review: My swap partner LOVED the set! Thank you so much!
2009-10-16 06:28:35
When purchased:
Sep 28, 2009
Item:Pony Minkee OBV - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: This diaper is beautiful! It is super soft and extremely well made. I love that I can customize how much absorbency DC needs with the separate snap-in soakers. I love that the rise is longer than my GoodMama's, but it still folds down small enough for an infant. I will definitely be adding a lot more B4's to my stash!!
2009-10-15 07:58:41
When purchased:
Oct 4, 2009
Item:Clearance!! Racecars - multi-size
Customer service:FANTASTIC customer service! LOVE this mama! She is a super woman to deal with and always very on top of things!
Product review: We always LOVE our Bububebes - I have more than 10 and feel like I could always have more :) DH uses them, my parents use them, and I just adore them!

The only thing that could be easier/better is if the top soaker was a bit wider
2009-10-13 12:03:03
When purchased:
Sep 7, 2009
Item:CLEARANCE!! Blue Floral - multi-size
Customer service:Lisa is awesome.
Product review: Love these diapes - these are my favorite. Very cute prints and super absorbent.
2009-10-12 04:03:38
When purchased:
Aug 18, 2009
Item:Baby Giraffe COBV - multi-size
Customer service:Absolute pleasure to deal with
Product review: These diapers are incredible....by far my favorite
2009-10-12 03:59:58
When purchased:
Sep 21, 2009
Item:FFS Large Scrap Grab Bag (1kg)
Customer service:Good communication, shipped promptly (just took a bit since from Canada and i'm US)...Super sweet!!
Product review: Excellent scraps! Definately worth the wait!! Thank you!!
2009-10-09 09:39:32
When purchased:
Sep 5, 2009
Item:Clearance!! Pumpkin Minkee OBV - multi-size
Customer service:Always terrific
Product review: Love the diaper!
2009-10-09 09:28:07
When purchased:
Sep 27, 2009
Item:Dr. Suess - multi-size
Customer service:Great :)
Product review: Amazing - I love the pattern, overall design, and it's so unbelievably absorbent. I'm hooked!
2009-10-05 10:51:35
When purchased:
Sep 25, 2009
Item:Brown Stripes COBV - newborn
Customer service:Fast shipping.
Product review: Perfect! Love it! Thanks!
2009-10-04 12:06:54
When purchased:
Aug 31, 2009
Item:Teal Giraffes COBV - newborn
Customer service:Great, fast reply to email, fast shipping, well packaged.
Product review: Beautiful diapers!
2009-09-29 11:56:08
When purchased:
Sep 11, 2009
Item:BLOWOUT! Birthday Cupcakes - multi-size
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Diaper is super soft and fabric is so cute! Can't wait to try it out :)
2009-09-24 07:20:53
When purchased:
Jan 30, 2009
Item:20% OFF! Floral Fantasy - newborn
Customer service:
Product review: These were a wonderful fit on my newborn! They were my favorite NB fitted!
2009-09-17 10:30:37
When purchased:
Sep 10, 2009
Item:CLEARANCE!! Zebra Minkee COBV - multi-size
Customer service:Excellent!! Lisa is an awsome seller.
Product review: These are my favorite diapers and I just cant get enough! Thanks for the awsome product girls.
2009-09-14 05:55:28
When purchased:
Aug 21, 2009
Item:Construction Camo OBV - multi-size
Customer service:PERFECT
Product review: We LOVE our b4s!!
2009-09-07 10:15:03
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