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When purchased:
Jan 17, 2011
Item:Pink Kitty COBV - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Fabulous as always! :)
2011-02-02 01:38:50
When purchased:
Dec 1, 2010
Item:Asian Blossom - multi-size
Customer service:Excellent.
Product review: This is beautiful! Thank you!
2011-02-01 02:29:22
When purchased:
Dec 26, 2010
Item:SALE!! Periwinkle Floral - multi-size
Customer service:Excellent. I cannot say enough good things. You cannot go wrong.
Product review: I have ordered several diapers at this point and have been thrilled with all of them. They are excellent quality and workmanship and adorable!
2011-02-01 02:28:51
When purchased:
Jan 3, 2011
Item:Magenta Balloon Party Minky/Velour Wipe
Customer service:
Product review: Cute wipes, thank you!
2011-01-29 06:08:30
When purchased:
Jan 17, 2011
Item:MM Dino Dudes COBV - T & T multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Love them! Fantastic diapers and Lisa is great to work with!
2011-01-29 04:02:02
When purchased:
Jan 16, 2011
Item:D&G You Rock - newborn
Customer service:Amazing customer service! I had an issue with one of my diapers and she handled it very quickly and very generously!
Product review: We are loving these, they are so cute and work great!
2011-01-27 01:13:03
When purchased:
Dec 26, 2010
Item:MM Pink Ta Dot - multi-size
Customer service:good
Product review: as always a beautiful product!!!! love the fit, absorbancy, everything!
2011-01-25 01:02:26
When purchased:
Dec 27, 2010
Item:Travel Size Giraffes/Sherpa Wipe
Customer service:Great! Combined shipping rates for me even though she had to ship separately.
Product review: Along with buying more diapers I will be buying more wipes too. I got a variety of types and love them all. Sooo soft and they get the job done. Great products! Buy with confidence.
2011-01-15 08:14:31
When purchased:
Dec 26, 2010
Item:SALE!! Christmas Stripe - multi-size
Customer service:Great! Combined shipping rates for me even though she had to ship separately.
Product review: B4s are my go to diaper at nap time and overnight for my toddler (27lbs) . Now that my infant (12lbs) is sleeping more through the night I'm starting to use them for her. Yep..they fit both of them. This is the only truly OS diaper I have ever used. Great product. I'll be buying two more soon.
2011-01-15 08:13:44
When purchased:
Dec 19, 2010
Item:Pink Hello Kitty Hearts COBV - multi-size
Customer service:Great customer service! I love that you can communicate directly on facebook!
Product review: There are no words to describe how much I love this product. It is life changing- in the CD sense. It is a fitted that actually ABSORBS! We have yet to use a cover! Cute, stylish and effective! My new addiction!
2011-01-13 11:42:09
When purchased:
Dec 26, 2010
Item:Pink Retro Cars - multi-size
Customer service:Perfect
Product review: Beautiful nice quality diapers. Love them. Thank you!
2011-01-12 12:43:57
When purchased:
Dec 29, 2010
Item:Lizards & Frogs - multi-size
Customer service:Great shipping time from Canada!
Product review: Fantastic diapers as always. So well-made and beautiful. Our favorites!
2011-01-11 09:09:12
When purchased:
Nov 18, 2010
Item:FFS Large Scrap Grab Bag (1kg)
Customer service:Wonderful communication and fast shipping :)
Product review: Fantastic assortment of remnants!!
2011-01-10 06:31:31
When purchased:
Nov 20, 2010
Item:Mad Sky Pink Chicks COBV - T & T multi-size
Customer service:great
Product review: best diaper ever!
2011-01-07 02:03:01
When purchased:
Nov 1, 2010
Item:Hershey Sweet Dreams - newborn
Customer service:
Product review: One of my favorite newborn diapers.
2011-01-06 03:05:59
When purchased:
Dec 8, 2010
Item:Winter Butterfly COBV - multi-size
Customer service:thanks for your quick response to my question.
Product review: The diapers are beautiful!!
2011-01-06 12:03:41
When purchased:
Dec 22, 2010
Item:Blue Camo Minky - T & T multi-size
Customer service:awesome CS. Good communication. Let me know when package was shipped with DC #.
Product review: Love the diapers! I had to try them out to see what everyone was raving about. It is so much more than I expected. Almost makes me jealous of my kids to get to wear such soft undies! Lol
2011-01-06 02:37:14
When purchased:
Dec 26, 2010
Item:Midnight Marbles - T & T multi-size
Customer service:as fantastic as always. i never have a single worry when i order from bububebe.
Product review: these diapers just can't be beat. there are plenty of cute fitteds in this price range but none of them can top a bububebe.
2011-01-04 08:25:06
When purchased:
Dec 22, 2010
Item:Umbrellas COBV - multi-size
Customer service:Fast shipping!! Professional service.
Product review: This is my first Bububebe diaper and I must say that I am really impressed. Really top notch quality. I can't wait to try it on my May baby. I'm thinking about a few customs.... :)
2010-12-31 01:45:59
When purchased:
Dec 2, 2010
Item:FFS Small Scrap Grab Bag (250g)
Customer service:Shipping was prompt. I had very little interaction with customer service, but I'm sure it is excellent.
Product review: I thank you so much for the scraps! I have made several hairbows to match my dipes with them! If you have more I would gladly buy them!;
2010-12-30 05:38:44
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