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When purchased:
Jan 17, 2011
Item:Pink Hello Kitty Poses - newborn
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: Thank you!
2011-03-02 01:01:11
When purchased:
Jan 24, 2011
Item:Purple Butterflies/Sherpa Wipe
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: I have never received a bad product from this store. I love your diapers. They are adorable and so absorbent.
2011-03-02 12:58:45
When purchased:
Feb 12, 2011
Item:3 Mini Wipes Boyish
Customer service:Lisa is awesome! Very helpful and always so nice to deal with.
Product review: I adore Bububebe's! Great quality, excellent customizable design.
2011-03-01 01:09:00
When purchased:
Feb 6, 2011
Item:MM Seafoam Aromatherapy - multi-size
Customer service:informable
Product review: lovely! Better then expected!!! New addiction to fiiteds!
2011-02-28 09:51:51
When purchased:
Feb 14, 2011
Item:Farming - multi-size
Customer service:Customer service was fabulous!! The shipping was super fast. I received my purchase here in the U.S. in only nine days. I am beyond impressed!! Thank you so much!!!
Product review: The is the most well made, softest, cutest diaper that I have ever set my eyes on. The sewing is extremely well done and the product was a super high quality!
2011-02-27 01:43:50
When purchased:
Jan 24, 2011
Item:Chez Ami Hippos - T & T multi-size
Customer service:Excellent transaction. I am a repeat customer.
Product review: Excellent diaper! These are by far my favorite diapers!
2011-02-24 01:50:00
When purchased:
Feb 7, 2011
Item:CUSTOM Michele - newborn
Customer service:
Product review: just got them today, thank you so much!
2011-02-23 06:09:40
When purchased:
Feb 12, 2011
Item:CUSTOM Chelsea - multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful service. Listened to everything I requested and made/shipped my custom in record time!
Product review: Every Bububebe diaper I have is made to perfection. They are superior in fit, absorbency, and cute to boot. My favorite favorite diapers by a long shot.
2011-02-23 12:54:14
When purchased:
Feb 7, 2011
Item:CUSTOM Celeste - multi-size
Customer service:Excellent communication =)
Product review: Well made. I WILL purchase again! =)
2011-02-21 01:28:14
When purchased:
Jan 24, 2011
Item:Pirate Ship - multi-size
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: Cute print!
2011-02-14 01:38:16
When purchased:
Jan 24, 2011
Item:Chez Ami Aqua Stripe COBV - newborn
Customer service:Shipping was very fast compared to what i expected. Package came right on time.
Product review: The diapers are soooo cute, soft, and cuddly! I literally can't wait to use them on my baby when he gets here!
2011-02-13 07:22:10
When purchased:
Jan 31, 2011
Item:Tropical Getaway - multi-size
Customer service:Excellent CS as always! Lightening fast shipping!
Product review: Gorgeous diaper; beautiful colours!
2011-02-13 06:49:47
When purchased:
Jan 24, 2011
Item:Robots on aqua Burp
Customer service:Customer service was excellent. Shipping on the slower side, but that was expected based on website shipping information.
Product review: We love the wipes, burbs and diaper we bought. We have only had it a few weeks and have not tried overnight yet, as we're letting it gain absorbency. The fit is great, most importantly snug on my son's thin thighs. Love the feel of the velour inner too.
2011-02-11 08:53:54
When purchased:
Jan 31, 2011
Item:Geckos - newborn
Customer service:Super fast shipping!
Product review: The dipes look beautiful, we can't wait to try them out on our new little guy!
2011-02-09 11:12:57
When purchased:
Jan 17, 2011
Item:Lazy Daisy/Sherpa Wipe
Customer service:Fast shipping - Lisa is great
Product review: The wipes are adorable but some of them are curling on me after washing - which annoys me because the reason I buy them is the ones I make curl -
2011-02-09 01:39:00
When purchased:
Jan 24, 2011
Item:Rocketships - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Very high quality product. Love.
2011-02-07 01:20:50
When purchased:
Jan 17, 2011
Item:Retro Owls COBV - T & T multi-size
Customer service:Exceptional - Lisa always take the time to answer my questions
Product review: These diapers are so soft and absorbent. The attention to detail is evident time after time!
2011-02-06 09:25:06
When purchased:
Jan 22, 2011
Item:Spring Flowers - multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Fast shipping (considering it's coming from Canada!) Beautiful diaper and I even got a free wipe! Thank you!
2011-02-06 01:48:08
When purchased:
Dec 27, 2010
Item:Fall Floral/Sherpa Wipe
Customer service:Excellent customer service.
Product review: Great diaper and wipes. Thank you!
2011-02-02 10:37:06
When purchased:
Jan 17, 2011
Item:Brown Camo COBV - T & T multi-size
Customer service:Fast shipping!! Great communication
Product review: Love our BubuBebe!! It is sooooo soft!
2011-02-02 10:02:52
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