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When purchased:
Apr 23, 2011
Item:Carnival Bloom COBV - T & T multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful! Thank you!
Product review: My diapers are so cute I can't wait to see how they fit!
2011-06-02 08:04:54
When purchased:
May 13, 2011
Item:Chez Ami Chocolate Floral COBV - multi-size
Customer service:Outstanding! The diapers were delivered in 9 days to the U.S.!!
Product review: I can't get enough of these diapers! I love to use them at night and wanted to add a couple more to my stash. The prints are adorable, and I so, so soft!
2011-05-24 12:26:53
When purchased:
Mar 14, 2011
Item:Pirates COBV - T & T multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: Recieved promptly TY
2011-05-23 05:02:18
When purchased:
Mar 10, 2011
Item:Periwinkle Floral COBV - newborn
Customer service:
Product review: Recieved promptly TY
2011-05-23 05:02:15
When purchased:
May 9, 2011
Item:CUSTOM Jenna - multi-size
Customer service:AMAZING! She was totally willing to cut the fabric to incorporate the part of the print that I liked the most! Such a sweet WAHM!
Product review: Amazing, as usual! Super soft and the snap down rise is such an awesome design feature
2011-05-22 04:40:35
When purchased:
May 9, 2011
Item:Java Butterflies - Wetbag S
Customer service:Awesome!
Product review: One of the best fitteds ever! Love my wet bag and wipes! THANK YOU!
2011-05-18 05:44:57
When purchased:
Mar 23, 2011
Item:Kumquat Guitars - T & T multi-size
Customer service:Awsome:)
Product review: Great!Love my new bububebe diaper:) thanks
2011-05-17 03:34:57
When purchased:
May 5, 2011
Item:Custom - Angie
Customer service:Amazing! Always quick to respond and keeps you posted on progress!
Product review: I can't say enough about her diapers! My favorite for night time! And the blankets are SO SO soft!!!
2011-05-17 10:52:44
When purchased:
Apr 25, 2011
Item:Blue Dot Minky - multi-size
Customer service:fantastic
Product review: awesome as always! :)
2011-05-16 10:32:24
When purchased:
Feb 22, 2011
Item:Birthday Cupcakes - multi-size
Customer service:no issues with customer service at all. very smooth transaction
Product review: super absorbant, super soft and squishy and very cute
2011-05-11 03:02:55
When purchased:
Mar 23, 2011
Item:Custom Ashton - T & T multi-size
Customer service:great communication!
Product review: super soft, really absorbant, we use as a night time diaper and have yet to have a leak!
2011-05-11 11:48:14
When purchased:
May 1, 2011
Item:CUSTOM Heidi - multi-size
Customer service:awesome. lisa was in communication with me every part of the way. It was a very rare occurance, but my diapers arrived within a week of her shipping them. A very pleasant surprise on a Monday. :)
Product review: amazing diapers, as always. :)
2011-05-09 10:34:47
When purchased:
Apr 25, 2011
Item:Teal Giraffes - multi-size
Customer service:Outstanding! Answered my question very quickly, and shipped out immediately.
Product review: Love these diapers! They are so soft and absorbent. They work great!
2011-05-09 10:10:26
When purchased:
Apr 21, 2011
Item:Monster Trucks - newborn
Customer service:Great communication and fast shipping.
Product review: Love my BubuBebe's!
2011-05-05 09:51:42
When purchased:
Apr 21, 2011
Item:Peas COBV - multi-size
Customer service:Great! Shipping was much faster than I expected!
Product review: This is the softest diaper I have ever felt! The first time I used it, I put it on my daughter overnight, with a fleece cover. She was in it for 9 hours and it barely felt wet inside. We could have gotten away without a cover. These are definitely my new night time diapers! Awesome!!
2011-05-05 09:43:55
When purchased:
Apr 20, 2011
Item:3 Mini Wipes Boyish
Customer service:Excellent, as usual. Love doing business with BubuBébé! :) Lisa not only made wonderful customs, but was also kind to alter the cut a bit for my small kid. Thanks! Shipping was also very fast, but then again, I'm just 150 km away. :)
Product review: Lovely, squishy diapers. My new favourite, because they fit so great and are very well made. I also love that you can use them as nighttime diapers with the additional insert. No need for any other diapers! :) Will order some more NB to redeem my Easter coupon.
2011-05-03 01:05:28
When purchased:
Apr 12, 2011
Item:Berry Aromatherapy COBV - multi-size
Customer service:fast shipping
Product review: My first bubu and it's really nice and soft. A lot going on with all the inserts but overall a well made dipe with A LOT of absorbancy!!
2011-05-02 09:39:06
When purchased:
Apr 11, 2011
Item:Dino Dudes - Wetbag S
Customer service:Excellent customer service!!
Product review: I love this wetbag! I was really nervous having a wetbag in the diaper bag. This one has kept in all moisture and smells.
2011-04-25 03:52:07
When purchased:
Apr 18, 2011
Item:Pink Hello Kitty Hearts - multi-size
Customer service:I love these diapers! The best to work with and so sweet! Thank You B4
Product review:
2011-04-22 01:15:50
When purchased:
Apr 1, 2011
Item:Bora Stripe - T & T multi-size
Customer service:
Product review: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this diaper! My daughter went a full 11 hours with this and wool over night and the diaper was barely damp. It is really well made and I really like how you can customize the soakers. I will be back!
2011-04-21 01:19:12
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