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When purchased:
Mar 7, 2012
Item:COOP - Serged multi-size & newborn
Customer service:
Product review: Haven't used these yet as these are for an upcoming squishy. However, the workmanship is impeccable and they are so soft and squishy. I anticipate many future purchases!
2012-03-31 06:10:18
When purchased:
Feb 5, 2012
Item:Cotton Clownin' Yellow /w cherry inner & grape soakers - multi-size
Customer service:Amazing customer service ... as always. Super sweet, answers any questions you have.
Product review: Love this diaper. It can hold up overnight to my LO with barely wetting her wool cover. In the process of making my whole nighttime stash out of Bububebes! Thanks so much!
2012-03-30 08:35:53
When purchased:
Mar 12, 2012
Item:Bora Stripe /w royal blue cotton velour - T&T multi-size
Customer service:Great Customer Service, diaper was shipped right away.
Product review: Diaper is great!
2012-03-27 08:13:49
When purchased:
Dec 30, 2011
Item:Wildflower Batik - Wetbag XS
Customer service:The wet bag I ordered was oversold, but I was able to make a substitution.
Product review: The OS diaper is holding up really well after three months of occasional night-time use. The serging on the inserts and around the diaper make it trimmer than the turned & topstitched Bububebe I already have. Plus, I like the wet bag a lot!
2012-03-27 06:00:14
When purchased:
Feb 7, 2012
Item:Custom Andreane - T & T multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful as always!
Product review: Very very happy with my diapers!
2012-03-26 02:38:29
When purchased:
Feb 27, 2012
Item:Berry Seaweed Wrap /w plum organic bamboo velour - T&T multi-size
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: super squishy and soft!
2012-03-26 12:41:43
When purchased:
Mar 12, 2012
Item:Elephants/Sherpa Wipe
Customer service:
Product review: SUPER soft wipes! And quick shipping, too! Thanks
2012-03-24 11:24:35
When purchased:
Nov 25, 2011
Item:Puppy Christmas COBV - multi-size
Customer service:Beautiful dipe! Came very quickly! Thanks!
Product review:
2012-03-21 10:32:12
When purchased:
Mar 5, 2012
Item:Periwinkle Cotton Velour Wipe
Customer service:Amazing! Received my 4 turned and top stitched multi size diapers. They are amazing. I'm in love. They are so nice I don't want to put them on my son and use them lol
Product review: AMAZING. Super soft!
2012-03-15 10:55:57
When purchased:
Mar 5, 2012
Item:Pirate Mickey /w grey cotton velour - multi-size
Customer service:Awesome seller! Thanks!
Product review: Great product! So soft and fits great! Love it!
2012-03-14 04:29:33
When purchased:
Feb 23, 2012
Item:SALE! Pink Birthday - T & T multi-size
Customer service:I cant say good enough about this store! Wonderful costumer service, super fast shipping, loving people!
Product review: wonderful Products and super fast shipping! Very happy with my purchase! I highly recommend this seller!
2012-03-12 06:40:47
When purchased:
Feb 27, 2012
Item:Ana's Custom - multi-size
Customer service:I can't say good enough about Bububebe. Great costumer service, fast shipping, she helped with all my questions!
Product review: wonderful products! Very happy with my purchase!
2012-03-12 06:32:33
When purchased:
Mar 23, 2011
Item:CUSTOM Jennifer - newborn
Customer service:Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. Thank you!!!!
Product review: Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. Thank you!!!!
2012-03-12 08:43:39
When purchased:
Jan 9, 2012
Item:Baby Channel Stripe knit /w aqua oragnic bamboo velour - T&T multi-size
Customer service:Shipped promptly.
Product review: Awesome!l
2012-03-11 05:22:36
When purchased:
Feb 13, 2012
Item:Farming /w key lime organic bamboo velour - newborn
Customer service:Fast shipping, even from Canada!
Product review: So cute!
2012-03-10 12:19:33
When purchased:
Nov 25, 2011
Item:Turquoise Flower Child Minky - multi-size
Customer service:Wonderful.
Product review: Awesome, as always! These are by far my favorite night time diaper. I never have to worry about a leak on my 15 month old daughter. The prints are adorable, and everything is so soft!
2012-03-09 08:53:54
When purchased:
Oct 18, 2011
Item:Pink Chicks - multi-size
Customer service:The best! Fast shipping even from Canada!
Product review: The best fitteds ever!
2012-03-03 03:55:31
When purchased:
Dec 7, 2011
Item:Cotton Clownin' Grape /w yellow inner & cherry soakers - multi-size
Customer service:Awesome!
Product review: Awesome!
2012-03-03 03:54:51
When purchased:
Dec 19, 2011
Item:Purple Ooga knit /w lilac cotton velour - multi-size
Customer service:Awesome, as always!!
Product review: Awesome! Not sure we could CD at night without these!
2012-03-03 03:53:24
When purchased:
Feb 21, 2012
Item:Swaddled Baby knit /w denim cotton velour - T&T multi-size
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: Love them!
2012-03-02 09:07:23
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