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When purchased:
Jul 1, 2012
Item:3 Mini Wipes Boyish
Customer service:Quick to send
Product review: As described and expected. Great diapers!!!
2012-10-09 08:59:06
When purchased:
Jun 4, 2012
Item:COOP - T&T Multi-size & Oversize Serged
Customer service:One slight problem with stitching that I noticed after receiving. Lisa promptly offered a couple different solutions to resolve the mishap. Very polite and quick to satisfy. Excellent customer service
Product review: Wonderful diapers, exactly what I was expecting!
2012-10-09 08:58:11
When purchased:
Sep 13, 2012
Item:3 Velour Mini Wipes
Customer service:Item shipped out super quickly!
Product review: LOVE these mini wipes! They arrived at just the right time--four of us were suffering from colds, and these soft squishy wipes were absolutely divine on our noses, already raw from using traditional facial tissues. Will never use anything else! :)
2012-10-06 03:42:27
When purchased:
Sep 22, 2012
Item:Soccer Panda /w lemon organic bamboo velour - multi-size
Customer service:great! package sent quickly!
Product review: beautiful diaper, very nicely made, wonderfully soft fabrics!
2012-10-05 12:34:44
When purchased:
Sep 17, 2012
Item:Berry Aromatherapy /w dark pink organic bamboo velour - newborn
Customer service:Product was shipped in a timely manner.
Product review: Love the diapers. Can't wait to use them when my little ones get here!
2012-09-29 08:21:43
When purchased:
Aug 6, 2012
Item:Orange Whale Minky /w orange cotton velour - serged Sleepytime
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Great!
2012-09-27 01:14:18
When purchased:
Aug 16, 2012
Item:Custom - 'Lankie
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Love it!
2012-09-22 04:03:45
When purchased:
Sep 10, 2012
Item:Seuss Yellow Cat Toss /w yellow cotton velour - T&T Sleepytime
Customer service:Easy, smooth transactions as usual and since I'm in MI, I always get them within days of ordering which rocks :-)
Product review: Superb craftsmanship as always and am I absolutely thrilled with the new 'sleepytime' diaper.
2012-09-21 07:20:45
When purchased:
Sep 10, 2012
Item:Red Stripe Velour /w black organic bamboo velour - T&T Sleepytime
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: Beautiful, absorbent, soft. Everything I wanted and needed! Thank you so much!!!
2012-09-21 07:58:51
When purchased:
Aug 4, 2012
Item:Penny AUCTION!! Ocean /w organic bamboo velour soakers - Ai2
Customer service:Great communication!
Product review: The diaper is great.
2012-09-18 09:03:25
When purchased:
Jul 31, 2012
Item:Fairy Princess/Velour Wipe
Customer service:Great Customer Service!
Product review: Love the dipes!
2012-09-04 01:30:46
When purchased:
Aug 9, 2012
Item:3 Mini Wipes Boyish
Customer service:Shipped really fast!
Product review: I had already bought some of these, and loved them so much, I had to order more! These are perfect for wiping noses, and they fit into my purse in a small mini wetbag, so I always have them when I need them. They curl up a little when washed, but for what they are used for, that doesn't bother me at all. I may even get more, depending on how many I need this winter!
2012-08-26 04:00:52
When purchased:
Jun 24, 2012
Item:Squiggle Stripe - Wetbag M
Customer service:great!
Product review: love the wetbag, it was a gift but still loved it!
2012-08-18 01:33:39
When purchased:
Apr 30, 2012
Item:Green Hearts /w green cotton velour - multi-size
Customer service:great
Product review: fast shipping, great diapers as always!
2012-08-16 03:16:44
When purchased:
Aug 2, 2012
Item:Fiesta Stripe /w yellow cotton velour - multi-size
Customer service:Very quick to answer any questions!
Product review: The shorties are amazing! I love them and they fit perfectly.
2012-08-03 02:03:01
When purchased:
Mar 6, 2012
Item:Pirates /w grey cotton velour - multi-size
Customer service:Fantastic customer service.
Product review: I love Bububebe. One of my very favorite fitted diapers. Very generous in size and perfect for overnight.
2012-07-26 01:56:17
When purchased:
Jun 21, 2012
Item:Alphabet Animals /w red cotton velour - multi-size
Customer service:Arrived quickly!
Product review: Beautiful diaper as always. Love her diapers! :)
2012-07-26 10:21:40
When purchased:
Jun 20, 2012
Item:Bambino /w black organic bamboo velour - T&T multi-size
Customer service:
Product review:
2012-07-19 11:49:44
When purchased:
Sep 4, 2010
Item:Rainbow Ooga - multi-size
Customer service:Awesome :)
Product review: Such a cute print - thanks!
2012-07-15 03:26:47
When purchased:
Jul 27, 2010
Item:Robots - multi-size
Customer service:Great as always!
Product review: Thanks for the awesome diaper!
2012-07-15 03:26:02
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