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When purchased:
Oct 18, 2014
Item:OVERSIZE! Hippo Minky /w organic bamboo velour - OVERSIZE multi-size SLEEPYTIME fitted
Customer service:Perfect
Product review: Loved each diaper!
2015-01-06 04:08:33
When purchased:
Oct 1, 2014
Item:Carolina's Custom - multi-size
Customer service:Everything wonderful
Product review: I loved everything!
2015-01-06 04:07:59
When purchased:
Dec 2, 2014
Item:PENNY AUCTION! Stars & Stripes Minky /w blue organic bamboo velour - T&T Sleepytime
Customer service:
Product review: My husband and I love the Sleepy time diapers! The OBV inner is so absorbent and fit our long and lean baby wonderfully. We currently have 2 and will be buying more.
2014-12-22 11:57:10
When purchased:
Aug 4, 2014
Item:Sale! Pink Zoo /w fuchsia cotton velour - T&T multi-size
Customer service:E-mailed Lisa and received a response in minutes, fantastic!
Product review: I bought seven diapers. Haven't used them yet on my new little one, but I have previously purchased many BubuBebe diapers for my first child. The diapers have a great fit and are so incredibly soft and absorbent.
2014-11-30 12:56:38
When purchased:
Oct 13, 2014
Item:Blue Candy Circles /w aqua organic bamboo velour - T&T Sleepytime
Customer service:
Product review: Love our Sleepytimes. Paired with wool and a hemp liner it's our only nightime solution. Now I'm looking to convert all our daytime dipes to B4 fitteds, too!
2014-11-14 03:11:46
When purchased:
Sep 23, 2014
Item:Purple Organic Bamboo Velour Wipe
Customer service:Great communication, thanks so my much!
Product review: Nice double bamboo velour wipes! Very substantial!
2014-10-22 01:28:48
When purchased:
Aug 7, 2014
Item:FREE DRAW!! Win a 10% off code!
Customer service:Great
Product review: Yay coupon code!
2014-09-19 01:34:13
When purchased:
Jun 23, 2014
Item:3 Mini Wipes Boyish
Customer service:Great
Product review: I love their wipes!
2014-09-19 01:32:40
When purchased:
Aug 25, 2014
Item:Blue Guitars /w blue organic bamboo velour - T&T multi-size
Customer service:Great
Product review: awesome as ever
2014-09-19 01:30:00
When purchased:
Sep 8, 2014
Item:Bird Minky /w yellow organic bamboo velour - serged Sleepytime
Customer service:Great
Product review: Awesome as ever
2014-09-19 01:29:45
When purchased:
Sep 8, 2014
Item:Custom Rebecca - T&T
Customer service:Great
Product review: Awesome as always
2014-09-19 01:29:25
When purchased:
Jul 3, 2014
Item:SALE! Pink /w Lime Paisley Satin - 'Lankie
Customer service:Wonderful seller. Has great communication. Easy to ask questions to and will buy from again!
Product review: Love this lankie. It's so soft and the colors are so vibrant! I can't wait for my little girl to snuggle up to it.
2014-09-16 12:18:18
When purchased:
Aug 7, 2014
Item:SALE! Asian Dress /w pink cotton velour - T&T multi-size
Customer service:Perfect! Thanks.
Product review: Beautiful and well made. Thanks!
2014-09-10 09:44:58
When purchased:
Aug 18, 2014
Item:Pow! Minky /w aqua organic bamboo velour - serged Sleepytime
Customer service:
Product review: Beautiful quality product.
2014-09-06 09:34:25
When purchased:
Aug 25, 2014
Item:SALE! Pink Zoo /w fuchsia cotton velour - serged multi-size
Customer service:Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Product review: I am blown away by how awesome our fitteds are. Too of the line and amazing work. I have 1 additional fitted I got from a friend and that was how I found BubuBebe in the beginning. I ordered 9 more fitteds and I am going to return for more in the future. These fitteds are absolutely high quality. I M very pleased.
2014-09-04 03:57:07
When purchased:
Jun 25, 2014
Item:Stars & Stripes Minky /w blue organic bamboo velour - serged Sleepytime
Customer service:Did not contact, but did sent emails with all info (paid, shopped, etc)
Product review: This is the third sleepy time diaper I have form here and it's just as great as the others. Quality is fantastic, it's absorbent, and the size is perfect!
2014-08-11 02:51:50
When purchased:
Feb 18, 2014
Item:Aubergine Cotton Velour Wipe
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: Great craftsmanship.
2014-08-08 09:56:52
When purchased:
Apr 22, 2014
Customer service:Amazing
Product review: These are my absolute favorite fitteds!
2014-08-08 09:56:18
When purchased:
Jul 19, 2014
Item:Silver Birds Minky /w pink cotton velour - T&T Sleepytime
Customer service:Received in less than two weeks! Glad because I couldn't wait to try them on ;-)
Product review: Love them! Bought two sleepy time diapers. Amazed at how soft they feel and craftsmanship looks great. Washed them and put them on my little girl next night with a pul cover. No leaks and she wakes up dry with her skin looking and feeling beautiful. Love <3
2014-08-04 05:17:19
When purchased:
Dec 3, 2013
Item:Zoom Minky/Velour Wipe
Customer service:As always, Lisa is wonderful!
Product review: BubuBeBe diapers are the BEST on the market! Great quality and super cute!
2014-07-28 01:39:03
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