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Sep 16, 2011
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I would love to know how many people have visited my store each day. This way I can judge when advertising is effective, when certain items are more popular, or even what day of the week or hour I get the most traffic. The more information provided the more helpful. Even if it could say which items were viewed the most.
  1. Admin comment: As mentioned, this can be done via Google Analytics or Stat Counter. The code can be added to your store in the Counter Code / Footer section of the Store Design page. We prefer to leave the tracking of stats to the experts :)

    Nov 05, 2011

  1. Even though other sites can do this, I believe it should still be default for hyenacart to do this on their own.

    Nov 08, 2011
  2. will also do it for free.

    Oct 05, 2011
  3. Google Analytics will do this for you for free

    Oct 05, 2011

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