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Sep 13, 2011
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Shipping calculated by location

Shipping calculated by location of buyer eg: like ebay
  1. Admin comment: This is not a complete solution but shipping no longer defaults to lowest priced option. The shopper is forced to make a choice before completing checkout. A more extensive fix for shipping will be evaluated as a future project.

    Nov 07, 2011

  1. This would be great! As it is now I kind of average the cost of shipping, sometimes I come out ahead but more often I lose money. I would like to add: I'd really like it not to default to the cheapest shipping option for the buyer. I had to stop offering first class because international shoppers always choose it. It seems like an option for them, because HC always defaults to the cheapest option available, instead of making you pick one from the drop down with no default, which I think would help.

    Nov 03, 2011
  2. This is the main reason that I don't sell certain items on HC. The shipping can vary greatly to different parts of the US. I wish the system had an API that could go to USPS and pull in the shipping cost based on zip code.

    Oct 17, 2011
  3. Although you *can* put it when you check out with Paypal I've had countless times (as a seller) when the buyer still got confused with shipping (even with the shipping shown in the listing). Having it integrated in HC would be more seamless and if it were doing the check out process there wouldn't be the "oh, now I have to pay shipping?" question that I've had customers experience when reaching the payment page.

    Oct 12, 2011
  4. I'm with the others, this is something that I have to deal with on a regular basis and it looks very unprofessional and like I am just after people's money when I have to email them and tell them they need to pay more for shipping. :(

    Oct 07, 2011
  5. Yes, I very often have international customers accidentally choosing first class US shipping. It is time consuming and seems unprofessional to have to contact them and then charge them more. Most often I will cover the difference and just pay it myself and that really adds up!

    Oct 06, 2011
  6. I'm not positive, but I think you can do this when the order hits paypal

    Oct 05, 2011
  7. It would be nice if it was something along the lines of Dharma Trading Co, where you enter the zip/country and it shows you all the shipping options/costs.

    Oct 05, 2011
  8. Ditto to the first comment. I don't like that people try to opt out of their shipping because the Canadian shipping I've set up is cheaper.

    Sep 14, 2011
  9. at the very least I'd like to see the correct shipping country mandated for where the shopper is registered. I have US shoppers choosing shipping to Canada at least a couple of times a week because it is the cheaper option so it defaults to it. Invoicing after the fact for $1.30 seems petty but it adds up to $135 a year I am missing out on because of this. Etsy automatically chooses the correct shipping cost for you.

    Sep 14, 2011

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