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Sep 13, 2011
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Easy picture upload directly from my computer

Easy picture upload directly from my computer similar to Etsy.
  1. Admin comment: New flash uploader is installed! Please help us test and leave comments here :)

    Nov 05, 2011

  1. I loved the ease of use, and the pic quality, but I couldn't get the pics to upload in the right order. Like, I uploaded all four pics at once, but they showed up in my store in messed-up order from how I chose them. Went back and tried again, same thing.

    Nov 25, 2011
  2. I've tried it twice and couldn't get it to work. I like using the Java Uploader.

    Nov 23, 2011
  3. It seems the most recent versions of java are not working with the java uploader. This should be fixed within the next few weeks! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Oct 23, 2011
  4. Combined from Java Uploader:

    What happened to the java uploader?? I used to just be able to drag and drop my pictures directly into it and now its not working at all!!

    Oct 23, 2011
  5. Combined from Larger image size choices for the Java uploader:

    Larger image size choices for the Java uploader would be great. I like 490pixel width for the main image in my listings, but I have to go through Photobucket to do this. If you allowed larger images I would totally upgrade my account. Thanks! Suzi MacDougall

    Sep 20, 2011
  6. This would make stocking SOOOOO much easier (that is to say, I'd stock more often if it were easier!)

    Sep 14, 2011
  7. I have tried the HC image uploader and the picture quality was HORRIBLE compared to photo bucket. I will not be using it again until I know it is fixed.

    Sep 14, 2011

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