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May 04, 2012
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Add vendor login link to congo page, add vendor page link to congo page

I just have a couple suggestions that I think would make life easier for those of us selling in congos. Is it possible to put a link on the top of the congo page to login to the congo? There is a login link on the upper left, but it only works for shopper login. I have a link on my desktop that takes me directly to my congo, but then I can't login to it unless I go to the Hyena Cart home page first. Also, can you put a link on the congo page that will take me back to my vendor pages? I find it very frustrating that even though I am logged in, once I go to the congo page to view my listing I have just put up I cannot go back to my vendor pages without logging out and logging back in because there is no way to get back there once that page has been closed (which I do accidentally all the time! LOL!).
  1. Admin comment: This is a great suggestion and it has just been implemented. You will see the link to edit the listing or store in the top menu bar, to the right of where it says "Welcome". Thanks!

    Sep 10, 2012

Status: Completed

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