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Apr 06, 2012
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Option to delete cancelled orders?

I have gobs and gobs of duplicate, uncompleted, or redundant orders for various reasons (difficulty checking out, using the buy now option, etc) which I've had to mark as cancelled. In order for me to see the current real orders which are in various states (I need to see new, paid, and in-progress at one time to make sure I am on top of things)I have to show "All" statuses and "All" orders to get them on one page and not be leapfrogging through pages trying to remember what I've done. This of course gives me over 9000 orders at once which is pretty unnecessary, LOL! If I could delete forever the totally bogus and cancelled orders - or at least archive to somewhere that would help a lot. If there were a way to sort by In-Progress,and mark them as such en-mass ( see my other request :D ) that would help too. Right now once I mark them In-progress they are lost and can't be sorted to find them again except by sorting for ALL. Thank you, thank you, thank you once again oh Goddess of all things technical wizardry ;)
  1. Admin comment: Completed your other request and also added an "All but cancelled" option that allows you to view all of the orders minus the cancelled ones. This should be equivalent to archiving / deleting the orders (or hopefully close enough!). Thanks!

    Apr 08, 2012

Status: Completed

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