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Dec 13, 2011
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Add a Date and Time

Why is the Add a Date and Time box back? I have to set all of my items to View/Edit (Old) and there was a place to click by the dates to not be on that time wasting calendar pop up. I also have to click Every time I want to go back to my old items to make it All and not 10. And Also why does the congos name still pop into my Tags box. I have to get rid of it Every single time and it is there sometimes two and three times. PLEASE fix these things. Your changes are so time consuming for us.
  1. Admin comment: It sounds like you have have cookies turned off on your browser. If you turn cookies on, the browser should remember your settings.

    Feb 06, 2012

  1. I agree it would be really nice for it to default to view all instead of 10. :)

    Jan 03, 2012

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