Store Policies

Store Policies
Payments must be received for items placed in your cart within 48 hours or they will be restocked for non-payment.
Returns & Refunds
  Your satification in this product is my biggest concern.  PLEASE contact me if you have any question  or concerns about the product you receive.  I will work out refunds, returns, etc... on a case by case basis with the outcome being to everyone's satisfaction.  Please note that any items you wish to return must be in clean, unaltered, unused condition.
I  have made every effort to describe each item as completely as possible.  However, I am human and I may miss something once in awhile.  If you find something that is not up to the highest standard please contact me and allow me the chance to fix it.
Any down payments (both for custom fleece and custom diapers) are NON-REFUNDABLE unless I receive a documented reason for canceling your order. 
All instock items will be shipped within 3 days of paid in full purchase.  Customs will be shipped upon completion of the item and final payment received.  Please see my current customs list to get an idea of how long the current waiting time might be.

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