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My name is Amy. I'm a 32 year old stay at home mommy to two miracles who came to us through adoption. My husband, Jeff, and I have been married for 10+ years and can't wait to see what happens for the next 60. :-) We are a bible-believing, attachment parenting, cloth diapering, gentle disciplining, selectively vaccinating, nighttime parenting, homeschooling, open adoption family. K* (adopted domestically at 3 1/2 weeks old) is my brilliant 7 year old daughter. She makes me laugh all the time and is a joy to be around. Cooper (adopted domestically at birth) is my precious 2 year old little boy. He is a little angel to our family. I'm amazed every time I look at the two blessings God has given to me. I am truly a mom to miracles.
I'm a self-admitted cloth diaper addict.  I love everything about them.  And believe me, when we started cloth diapering our son at 10 months old, I never even imagined what an addiction it would become!  I started sewing some fitted cloth diapers for him but I quickly made his "stash" way too large and then needed both an outlet for my addiction and some relief on his bulging diaper-holding dresser drawers.  When some friends mentioned that I should sell some just as a hobby I thought, "Why not?"  So here I am.  I hope that you enjoy putting these diapers on your children as much as I enjoy making them! 
And for those of you who are new to the world of cloth diapering - be ready for your newest addiction!!!
Why the name "Domestic Miracles"?
I asked some fellow cloth diapering mamas for some suggestions on a store name that included the word "miracles" - because that is such a huge word to describe our family.  When someone suggested "Domestic Miracles" I  knew in my heart that this is what my store would be called.  It's fitting in so many ways.  The fact that I am a mother in the first place is a miracle.  After struggling with infertility for several years my husband and I adopted our daughter, K*.  Her story is one that is full of miracles.  Five years later we adopted another little miracle, our son Cooper.  Yet another miraculous story.  Both of our children were adopted in what are called domestic adoptions.  So, not only am I being domestic in creating the products in my store, but my children are also "Domestic Miracles". 
Why do you call your diapers "Cooper's Poopers"? 
Well, as you read above my son's name is Cooper.  This naturally led into calling him Cooper Pooper when he was really tiny.  When we started cloth diapering I realized that I could make some diapers for him.  And, without fail, he would poop in them every single time I put them on.  So, I figured it would be appropriate to name them after him. 
What do you specialize in?
I love the look of turned and topstitched (T&T) diapers.  But I noticed a lack of T&T front snapping diapers in cute, fun prints.  So, that's what I've created!  I've also found it really fun to work with fleece. I try to not make the same thing over and over again so you will always see something different in this store! 
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