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Luna, a 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup Pocket Doll


In the final hour, I present to you Little Miss Luna. Luna's creation is inspired by the most recent red moon eclipse and the Chinese and Vietnamese Moon Festival, an Autumn festival to celebrate the coming of the harvest season.

Luna is a Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup doll. She stands less than 6" (15 cm) tall. She is made with all natural materials. Her doll skin is made with premium quality cotton interlock imported from Europe. She is firmly stuffed with bio-wool made in the USA. Her seams are sewn twice for reinforcement. She has embroidered facial features. Her facial structure is sculpted giving her a sweet little face with an itty-bitty chin and round chubby cheeks. Her cheeks, nose and various body parts are blushed with red beeswax. She is a sitting doll with sewn joints that are made flexible for easy movement and changing of clothes. She also has a belly button and a bum.

Luna's dark mane is made of wefted suri alpaca sewn into a crocheted cap. The locks are ultra-soft and wispy.

Luna comes wearing a woodland outfit made for walking in the woods on an autumn full moon's night. Her hat is hand-knit with a merino wool yarn and trimmed with a soft white suri alpaca. Her dress is made from an earth-toned Liberty of London fabric splashed with pops of bright yellow and embellished with a hand knit bow at the front. The bow is made from a merino wool blended yarn. For warmth she wears a sleeveless overcoat made from clean, repurposed 100% cashmere. Her boots are hand knit with a 100% merino wool yarn.

Luna is recommended for ages 8+ due to the nature of her delicate design and the small parts on her that pose as choking hazards for younger children.

Luna, a 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup Pocket Doll

Luna, a 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup Pocket Doll

Luna, a 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup Pocket Doll

Luna, a 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup Pocket Doll

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