Beatrix Morrikin Tarrywarbler


Beatrix Morrikin Tarrywarbler

Inspired by my childrens favourite Beatrix Potter tale, the Tailor of Gloucester

Beatrix is a quiet, shy little girl, a bookworm really and a lover of small creatures - a curious girl who loves to make things

And she day dreams of being like the little mice who help the poor Tailor , who has "no more twist"
She imagines being a little sewing fairie helping poor families of tailors, and so, because, I have as well sometimes indulged in the odd little daydream decided to make sweet Beatrix a faerie outfit
felt wings adorned with buttons (yes I love buttons)
And a luxurious lawn dress.....
Her real life outfit, a stretch long sleeve top and an up cycled skirt complete with raggedy edges and more fun buttons, cozy warm handspan cowl, yet again complemented with buttons, sweet wool Mary Janes & wool tote accented buy guess what????  Plus her own mousy friend

Please consider Beatrix if you are confident you will not place said millions of carefully selected buttons in your mouth and then swallow them, it would certainly ruin Miss Beatrix's and my day

in case you hadn't noticed the little lady has a head full of super wonderful Suri Alpaca locks, just as dreamy as herself
her body style is my own Free Spirit body pattern which is about 16" tall
Her body is made from De Witt Engel interlock, she is stuffed with sweet smelling Pennsylvanian  wool 

Any questions please PM me here

Beatrix Morrikin Tarrywarbler

Beatrix Morrikin Tarrywarbler

Beatrix Morrikin Tarrywarbler

Beatrix Morrikin Tarrywarbler

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