"Raine" a 20" Glimmer Row doll


  Up for adoption....

Raine from Glimmer Row!

She's a gentle and quiet soul, but always up for a tea party (as long as it's not too crazy!) and meeting new friends! Thank you in advance to anyone that would offer Raine a place in their heart and home!

Raine is 20"" in height. She is made with high quality cotton jersey skin from De Witte Engel in a fair tone, and is smoothly stuffed with 100% wool batting. 

Her wig is made from undyed yak weft in it's natural color that has been crocheted into a mohair cap. This hair is durable and easily styled. There is also no need to worry about color bleeding as is sometimes the case with hair dyed in dark shades.

Raine will arrive with an adorable dress made by the lovely Joy from "Snazzie Drawers", cotton undies, and shoes knit by "Crafts by Manuella".  Her dress is stunningly crafted from double gauze, adorable cotton prints, and embellished with lace and velvet trims.

She has a cute bum, a bit of a belly with a tiny bellybutton and pinched knees. Arms and legs have been attached by hand with heavy duty thread for durability. All of the hand stitching is tidy and clean. Her body is firm yet very "floppy". She sits with ease and her limbs have great mobility.

Raine's head is firm and will hold shape well. Facial features are needle felted by hand.

Her eyes and lashes are hand embroidered with cotton floss, and she also has the cutest little ears! :)

Many hours and loads of love went into Raine's creation. I've really enjoyed working on her and hope you enjoy her as well!

**Please note** Raine will ship on Tues the 4th!

Glimmer Row dolls contain small parts and are not intended for children under 3 years of age.

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