Emma Nell, 22" Angelique Angel


Meet Emma Nell, a 22" Angelique Angel doll. 

She has teal blue eyes and is made from DWE interlock and stuffed with South African wool. Emma Nell has a little piece of polished rose quartz buried deep inside her chest. Her little bottom, belly button, elbow and knee dimples all add to her delightful charm. Her legs are slightly bent at the knee.

Her dress is made from a combination of mint green satin and tulle. There are mint roses sewn on the neckline and tulle straps on her shoulders. The dress has an organza sash that ties with a bow at the back.

There are four rosettes on the skirt made from organza and tulle with gold Czech seed beads. Underneath she wears a stiff tulle petticoat on a satin waistband and has little violet cotton panties with a bow detail. 

The shawl is adapted from a Winterludes pattern and knitted with Debbie Bliss merino. Her shoes are crocheted with the same yarn and tie up with bows at the ankle.

Her hair is 6" blonde merino weft. Note about her hair: I have made the cap with a slightly darker yarn because I think the darker roots look very natural for a blonde. Also, the hair lies away from the head giving the hair a lot of bounce but resulting in a cowlick in the front. I have included some photos of her hair in different styles so that you can see how it looks. I like the volume of making the wig this way but the way it falls in the front may not appeal to some people.

You will also notice that in one photo, she has a little gold bracelet. She was made for a bridal photo shoot (see the photos here: and her bracelet was lost on the day of the shoot. I will replace it before sending her out.

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Emma Nell will ship on Tuesday via the South African Post Office. You will be supplied with a tracking number and there is a small insurance (not the total value of the doll as that is over the limit). She will take between one and three weeks to reach you but please bear in mind that parcels from South Africa can take longer.

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