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Lux 20" doll


20" Doll

For ages 6+

Lux is a real animal lover. She loves going for long walks in the forest to watch for rabbits, which is her favorite animal of all. She thinks it is so cute when they wash their chubby cheeks with their front paws. 

She takes her friend Rabbit (knitted by Yarnigans) with her everywhere. She loves to read to him and tuck him in at bedtime. It is really sweet.  

She is a very sweet dolly with a big heart and is looking forward to finding a new home for her and Rabbit to live happily ever after.

Lux is handmade using high quality natural materials. Her skin is 100% cotton Swiss Tricot (Laib Yala) and she is stuffed with 100% wool. Her inner head construction is made in the Waldorf doll method and then felted to form her unique facial personality. She measures approx 20" tall. Her skin tone is fair. She has dark brown eyes and thick mousy brown hair, which is made from mohair weft and then sewn into a wig.  Lux wears a wardrobe of blues and can be mixed and matched to wear in several different styles. She has a reversible hooded jacket, long sleeve dress, pinafore, bloomers, panties and boots. She also comes with her knitted pal Rabbit. She will come with a birth certificate, blusher cloth (for adding extra color to cheeks and lips) and also a sachet of lavender. 

Lux 20" doll

Lux 20" doll

Lux 20" doll

Lux 20" doll

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