Naptown Boys

Randy, Deer Napling


Randy is an 11" Naptown Boys Napling Deer.  He is made out of hand dyed wool interlock, stuffed with eco wool and his antlers are knit out of yarn from a sheep that lives down the street.  He is a Large Napling so he is not button jointed like his smaller friends.  Randy will come with linen overalls, a Christmas bow tie and his very own Navy Boat shoes.
Randy would love to go sailing one day!  He sees all of the sailboats floating by on the Chesapeake Bay and he is enthralled with the fact that you can power a boat through the water simply with the wind.  He is a very adventurous soul.  Randy would love to come live with you, as long as you promise to have his favorite snack, chamomile flowers.  
Randy is entirely handmade by me, in my home studio, with the exception of his shoes.  
  I really LOVE new shoes!                
"I think I can see the snow coming!"   

Randy, Deer Napling

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