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7" mini Lali kitty - Ems



7" mini kitty
by Lali Dolls

Ems, like most cats, likes to chase things. She will crouch down in the grass and give her tush a little wiggle before she pounces on whatever it is she's after. Usually frogs. She is gentle though. She only wants to say hello. She thinks it's a new friend. The frog, however, doesn't feel exactly the same way and the first chance he gets takes a big leap into the pond and then she'll notice a butterfly and try to catch it. She knows not to go after the bees. The last time she did that, she ended up with a swollen and itchy paw for about 3 days. She does manage to get herself into some predicaments on occasion but mostly she is a good little kitty.

Ems is approx 7" and is made with all natural materials. Her fur is organic cotton. She is stuffed with wool and also contains small bags of glass sand in her feet, hands and bottom. Her head is made with rolled wool and then felted to create her cat features. Her eyes and nose are hand embroidered in cotton floss. 

For ages 3+

7" mini Lali kitty - Ems

7" mini Lali kitty - Ems

7" mini Lali kitty - Ems

7" mini Lali kitty - Ems

Tags: Dollectable, plush, stuffed animal, waldorf doll, cloth doll, rag doll, kitty, cat

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