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Inviting Play

Havala is my wee Scandinavian peasant girl.   She has a wispy, very sparse and thin mohair fabric for hair.

 I indulge myself in the whimsical homey folklore of the Scandinavian arts and crafts this time of year.  It brings me to a safe and comforting place where fires burn bright, ornaments twinkle, handwork is in a basket, and music softly plays in the background.  Its from this place in my imagination that Havala hails.

Her hat is crocheted Danish wool with a cotton ribbon imported from her homeland. Her blue sweater is adorned with a handmade wooden button.

In a fleeting period of experimentation and lack of self control, I felted her inner limbs around some doll making wire giving her very SLIGHT ability to gently pose her legs and arms.  I view this more as a liability than as a benefit.  As a doll maker at a very small scale, I don't have the ability to test for durability so as such she is a prototype or experimental work.  I hope she finds a home in which she can feel comfortable with her individuality.  She is not a toy and must be cared for by gentle adults.

She also has a long sleeved cotton dress with cotton trim that snaps in the back. 

She has red cotton socks, suede shoes, and wears cotton eyelet drawstring bloomers instead of modern undies. 

Havala will be offered by drawing that will end at 8pm EST.  Please for Havala, NO ANGELS, please only comment for yourself.  I will not patrol or be able to enforce this but I will trust that people understand it is my desire to have only one comment per person for Havala.  Please read through my listing and understand that Havala has some experimental doll making armature in her and that it is untested.  The armature results in only very slight pose-ability.  I wouldn't even mention it if it weren't to offer the fact as a disclaimer, other than that, she is made like all my other dolls:  stuffed firmly with wool.  All of her items were designed and made by myself.  She is one of a kind. 

Havala is a tiny whisper of a 9.5" doll.  She is much more like the size of my 8" dolls than the size of my much bigger 12" dolls. 

Havala is not appropriate for children and is not a toy. 

To see more photos of Havala:

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Havala will ship out within 3 business days of purchase. I refund shipping overages exceeding $1 because I like to charge exact shipping. I will buy full insurance where possible. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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