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Sasha - a 17" Fiber Art Doll by Petit Gosset

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Since birth, Sasha has been living in a small town surrounded by a buttercup meadow, finding delight in wild flowers, birds, bees and butterflies. She has studied every little hill on that meadow and every corner of her town, and now she is getting ready to see the world and meet her new family.

Sasha is a mischievous child - a little impulsive, willful and passionate. She has some kind of rebellious spirit in her, but a little tenderness and patience could change her into a gentle and loving girl.

Sasha is a 17” doll, made with swiss jersey and stuffed with a sweet-smelling eco-wool from Oregon. Her face is needle-sculpted, her eyes - embroidered, and her hair - made with beautiful long Teeswater locks, crocheted into the mohair wig. Her hair can be gently styled, but not brushed. Sasha will come wearing a gorgeous summer dress, made with silk and swiss-embroidered cotton insertions, a long linen pinafore with a little wooden owl on the front, a pair of cotton underwear, and Mary Jane shoes, sewn from Liberty print and wool.

Sasha can’t wait to start on her journey to her new home and already carefully packed her belongings. But she knows that her lovely wardrobe will be good only for summer and early fall time.
She insists on having something stylish for the cold season as well. Of course, I agree - any girl needs warm clothes. So, we’ve decided that she will get a surprise package in the middle of September. I can’t reveal what exactly will be included - that’s a secret, right? But I’m sure her new mama will be delighted and shouldn’t worry about Sasha catching a cold!

Sasha is not recommended as a toy due to the delicacy of her hair and many little parts of her wardrobe. She will be a wonderful companion to an older child or a grown up who’s a child at heart.

If you would like to read her story and for more pictures, please visit
my blog!

Sasha - a 17" Fiber Art Doll by Petit Gosset

Sasha - a 17" Fiber Art Doll by Petit Gosset

Sasha - a 17" Fiber Art Doll by Petit Gosset

Sasha - a 17" Fiber Art Doll by Petit Gosset

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