The Olive Sparrow


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Thelma is a rumbunctious little soul. She loves to run about and feel the wind in her hair. Yet she also loves to dress herself in fun clothes, in a style that is all her own. Her favourite clothes are tights and tunics (hmmm, she might have gotten that from her maker). Her hair is so much fun to play with. Whereas others bemoan the fact that their hair is very curly, Thelma loves it. She keeps saying that it is like her always doing stuff that is not what others do. A free spirit, she is our Thelma. 

Thelma is a 14 (38cm) natural fiber art doll created by me, the Olive Sparrow aka Monika Aebischer. She is weight with dollmakers glass beads and had a lovely weight when holding her. Her face is fully sculpted with needlefelting techniques. 
Her body is made from professional quality Swiss dollmaking fabric. Her clothes are sewn from a variety of natural fabrics. Her shawl and hat are handknit.





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