Angel Tia 8" by MariAS Nature Toys #LOVEFORALEX


Angel Tia has a size of 20 cm ( 8" ). They are made with 100% cotton tricot from the Netherlands, cleaned and carded sheep's wool, mohair and loads of loving stitches and attention to detail.
Babys hair is made of TLS
The pink of the cheeks are done with beeswax crayon applied on a separate piece of knit and then rubbed in a circular motion to create the look of pink cheeks.
You can hand wash her gently and dry flat.
This cute guardian angel Tia comes with а carrying bag !

Doll cardigan not included but is available for purchase here:

Warning: This item is not recommended for children under 3 years of age because small parts may be inhaled or swallowed.

The purchase price Angel Tia will be deposited directly into the account of Alex to support her in her recovery from brain tumor surgery.  Thank you very much for your support of #LOVEFORALEX .  MariA shipped this doll to one of the organizers of the LOVEFORALEX fundraiser, Kinda Hicks.  As such, Tia will be shipped directly to her buyer from Kinda's house in Canada.  Buyer will be invoiced separately for the exact cost of shipping from Canada.

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Angel Tia will ship from Canada and the buyer will be invoiced the exact cost of shipping from Canada.

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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