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Winny Sweet and Silly 20" Inviting Play Girl


This is Winny

Winny is certainly one of a kind.  

She is different from other Inviting Play ilk and yet, she is the same.  She is 20" and is rather lean and quite flexible.

She is stuffed firmly but is not hard.  She can sit on her own and stand with some assistance. 

Winny's hair is long, thick, wefted camel fiber.  It can be combed gently and styled in many ways. 

Her skin is made from beautiful pale Laib Yala cotton doll skin. 

I crocheted her hat and shoes with soft and fuzzy alpaca yarn.  The shoes fasten with a pewter button and the hat is adorned with small crocheted flowers. 

Winny's pants are made from linen and are detailed with vintage cotton ribbons and close with a drawstring that can be tucked inside. 
Winny's slip dress is made from cotton lawn, vintage ribbon, vintage cotton embroidered voile, and silk ruffle. 
Winny also comes with cotton undies and cotton and vintage lace cardigan. 

I hope Winny Invites you to Play

Like all Inviting Play dolls, Winny is stuffed with wool, embroidered with cotton, sewn with cotton, linen, alpaca, and wool and contains uncountable numbers of hours and bushels of love.   
Due to her size, and tiny details, she is not appropriate for children under five.  Really she is intended for any human 7 and up. 

Please contact me at if you have any questions. 

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I charge exact shipping costs so I will refund any overages that occur. I ship priority fully insured for customers in the USA and I do NOT ship with insurance or tracking for international unless you contact me and we can arrange for special shipping. Winny will ship out on the next business day !

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