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Matisse - 20" Doll


20" Doll

Matisse is such a fun spunky girl. She's very artistic and quirky. She has a lot of energy and zest for life. She is handmade in the Waldorf method with rolled wool head and sculpted to add details to form her unique personality.

She is approx 20" tall and comes wearing the pictured outfit, linen dress and bloomers, as well as panties and a hand knitted fox cowl. She will also come with a blusher cloth and birth certificate. 

Matisse has golden tan skin tone made from Swiss Tricot. Her hair is curly pink mohair. Her eyes are hand embroidered in blue cotton floss.

Matisse - 20" Doll

Matisse - 20" Doll

Matisse - 20" Doll

Matisse - 20" Doll

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