LIEF monster

MauMau from the World of Amelie


* in progress *

Every night my daughter Amelie goes to another world, the world of the elves. 
In this world she goes to school with all the other elves, they learn magic, how to make sparkles and how to take care of everything that lives. 

She also has a pet there, a winged unicorn named Chocolatepaste. He is brown with purple mane and tail, a white golden horn and pink wings. Amelie herself is also an elf when she is there at night. 

Over time we have turned to telling each other stories about her adventures when she can't sleep due to a nightmare or a head that's too busy. 

Her stories have inspired me to start a series of dolls and maybe critters of all the characters that come to live in her dreams. I am very proud to present the first to you, a small Chinese elf girl named MauMau, with long black hair, a frilly dress, purple handknit socks and big wings. 

MauMau is always in for an adventure, trying to steal honey from the bees, making midnight rides on Chocolatepaste or playing pranks with their teachers. Nothing is too wild for MauMau. But as her friend you have to be sure she has warm feet or else she will become very cranky, hence her signature woolen socks her nana knits for her from the softest yarn. 

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