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Toetie the Circus Elephant


My mom and my dad loved elephants. So when my dad died last year somehow I ended up digging through my stash for my favorite color yarn to knit an elephant. 

I needed to put my energy into something I loved. And so after a year of adding stitches every few days/ weeks a little pink purple red elephant appeared. 
But not a regular elephant, a circus elephant. She is the best of the best in dancing on a tight rope. When she puts on her tutu and ties a pink ribbon in her tuft of purple hair, there is nothing else to do then to enjoy her performance.

She stands 9 inches high without her hair and 10 with 

Toetie is knitted after a pattern by Ysolda Teageu, Elijah, but modified to make her more floppy. She is stuffed with wool and although she is seamless, due to her eyes being small buttons she is not suitable for small children. 

Toetie the Circus Elephant

Toetie the Circus Elephant

Toetie the Circus Elephant

Toetie the Circus Elephant

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