Lil' Pip's Pirate Ship


Note: The Pirate ship was purchased by the buyer of Lil' Pip, who had first dibs.  Thank you for your interest!

Please note: This listing is for anyone interested in purchasing the pirate ship, however the buyer of Lil' Pip has FIRST dibs on the ship.
It is an optional accessory to the person who purchases Lil' Pip, however if the buyer chooses not to purchase the ship then I will do a drawing on HC for it.

We can discuss a price for the ship (max. $125) and how much it will cost to post it, it's a bit big and awkward to mail! I have set up the listing to be $150 (including shipping), so if you live somewhere where it will cost a lot of shipping (over $50) I will contact you to discuss.  If you live somewhere where it's less I will discuss refunding.  The ship is in new condition, however it was a little damaged in shipping to me, so I have hung onto it for prop photos.  The pirate ship was Made in Germany, by a company that builds model ships. There has been a lot of interest in it, so I am open to selling it, but want it to be fair and also to give the buyer of Lil' Pip first dibs.

If the buyer of Lil' Pip purchases the ship, then this listing is void. 

As there are small parts, it is recommended that the ship is for ages 3 and up, and those who do not mouth items at any age.

If you have any questions please msg me on FB at "Natalie Woolhalla"

Please note: If purchasing more than one item from Woolhalla, I will combine shipping and refund the difference. 

Lil' Pip's Pirate Ship

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