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The Thumbelina fairy tale is one of my favorite fairy tales and most favorite tale of my daughter.
Thumbelina less than 2 inch tall.

Thumbelina is made of "White Angel" dollmaking fabric, has a wireframe in her hands and legs. Her clothes made of 100% silk, French lace and has embroidery with beads and silk ribbons.
She has a crochet wig with Angora kid mohair locks.

This set besides Thumbelina includes a flower tulip in a clay pot. The tulip made of 100% woolen felt. Petals and leaves have a wireframe, so you can shape of them any form. The stalk is wrapped with silk ribbons.

Thumbelina is a delicate doll not meant for little children. She was made for collection, decoration or gentle play by an older child. Thumbelina is not for children under 10. 

Thank you very much for your interest in Dollectable and my work!
Also I'm grateful for giving me opportunity to do a job that I love!





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