Naptown Boys

Addison, an 18" waldorf doll


Addison is a little boy with a lot of spunk.  If you ask him what he will be when he grows up he will say he's going to fly to the moon on the rocket ship skateboard that he invents.  He spends most of his time drawing comics about all of the moon adventures he is going to have.

Addison is 18" tall.  He is made out of all natural materials and hand sewn in my home studio. 
He is stuffed with wool and his hair is hand dyed Teeswater locks from Rainbow Twist Shop.  Addison has fair skin and his cheeks are blushed with beeswax crayon, his freckles are permanent.
Addison comes with jeans, undies and a cotton knit shirt.  He also comes with grey and red DC skate shoes and socks.  All clothing and accessories are handmade with the exception of the shoes and socks. 

Addison is handmade by me in my smoke free home studio. Addiosn is a collectable art doll intended for older children and delicate play or collectors, not a toy.   

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