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Balfour 23" lil chickpea


Balfour is a 23" lil chickpea boy - the first of his size.
 And what a charmer he turned out to be! 

I've happily kept him around while procrastinating finishing his adorable wardrobe. He was so easy to plan for, it was difficult to narrow it down!

Balfour has been made with De witte Engel interlock fabric, and stuffed with the sweetest smelling, clean, local and ethically sourced wool. 

Balfour's wild hair has been carefully wefted and securely crocheted into a mohair cap and handsewn on. A wonderful cross of border leicester, coopworth and wensleydale lambs wool give it its naturally curly and undyed characteristics. 

Balfours perfectly freckled face has been created with a permanent archival ink that will not fade nor bleed. 

Though I have had a rather difficult time getting Balfour out of his pyjamas while he is here, he will bring with him his plaid cotton pyjamas pants and striped tshirt. A funky pair of mustard yellow upcycled new pants, and white sailboat shirt.

The weather has turned rather quickly here so he'll be sent off with his gorgeous handspun scarf that he can share with his new mama, his striped cotton hoodie, with button closures and my 2 favorite things - his vintage wool plaid pants with suspenders - and his teddy bear slippers that he is never without. 

thank you so very much for stopping by to visit this little gentleman. <3 December has snuck up on us and so there are some final details to complete of Balfours before he is ready to head off to his new home. He will ship within a week - giving him lots of time to be there to tear open some christmas presents with his new family. 

due to the delicate nature of Balfour's hair - he is recommended for a collector or a much older child. 

insurance and tracking is included. Shipping within canada is $25 shipping to US is $45. please contact for international shipping quote. 

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