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Lalie, 12.5 inches, natural fiber doll by LesPouPZ


Here's Lalie, a little 12.5-inch bunch of joy! 
Lalie will come with a lot of little clothes to mix and match. Her favorite is a lovely long white pillow dress.
An embroidered heart, along with two wooden buttons, create a simple decoration at the front. Two lace trimmings -the bottom is vintage- bring some nice and warm finitions. And she won't forget her felt star hair pin, which she likes to attach to her bonnets too!
Outfit number two is another dress mixing flowery fabric and a knitted woolen top, along with baby's socks, and a funny white bonnet on top of which hangs a fluffy pompom.
The last outfit is more on the funny side. It's colourful items match Lalie's hair beautifully. The warm pink tutu skirt is embroidered, and has "controlled" frayed edging. To go with this already bright coloured skirt, is a pair of turquoise crochet mary janes, closing with four tiny mismatched buttons. On her head is a gnome hat with a dangling orange felt pompom.

Lalie has baby's features, a sewn on jersey onesie body, hiding a round weighted belly. Her limbs can move freely.
Her face features are needle felted. She has mohair hair , wefted and crocheted into a cotton yarn cap. Her skin is tanned DWE fabric.


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Lalie, 12.5 inches, natural fiber doll by LesPouPZ

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