Maggie, 23" Angelique Angels Doll


Maggie is a 23" Angelique Angels doll.

She is made from Dutch interlock and stuffed with South African sheep's wool. She has a little piece of rose quartz deep inside her chest.

Maggie has blue eyes and blonde hair in lovely curly ringlets. Her hair is yak and is 12" long. She has a little beauty spot on her cheek. She has a longer face than my usual style with lovely full cheeks and lash detail on her eyes.

She has ears, a bottom, belly button, elbow and knee dimples.

She wears sweet cream panties with a pale peach bow. Made from a tutorial by Inviting Play.

Her dress is a soft fabric in hombre pink. The yoke does up with a cover button at one shoulder and is detailed with a sweet pink and green silk ribbon and a large rosette flower.

The dress is sleeveless. The skirt is two layers. The bottom layer is longer and of a darker shade of pink. The top layer is cut from that part of the fabric with the most hombre detail and darkens as it gets longer.

Her shoes are crocheted with two shades of mohair and do up with a lilac bow detail. 

Her shawl is an adaptation of the Winterludes Martha Shawl, knitted in two shades of a locally spun mohair. In some photos I have used a pearly hat pin to pin her shawl. This is not necessary as the proportions of the shawl are generous and it wraps amply around her. I would not usually supply a doll with a great big, sharp pin but if you ask me to send the pin, then I will gladly do so. Please note that this should not be played with!

Maggie is a delightful little personality. She is quiet and good as gold. She loves to sit and watch the world go by. I think this is because she is the only doll in my studio at the moment, so she has a bit of that nature of an only child.

Maggie is not guaranteed to arrive from Cape Town in time for Christmas. Shipping from here is usually 1-2 weeks but that is not guaranteed at this time of year.

Maggie, 23" Angelique Angels Doll

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Shipping is via the South African Post Office with tracking number and insurance where possible. The UK and Canada do not have an insurance option.

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