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Madelaine, 15 inch Natural Fiber Doll by LesPouPZ


  When you make Madeleines a sponge-like batter (actually a genoise) is used. And like most sponge batters it starts with a beaten mixture of eggs and sugar into which is added sifted flour. The difference between a regular sponge and a genoise is that we add warm melted butter (can use browned butter) which makes the Madeleines light and tender with a nice buttery flavor. The melted butter needs to be warm, so it does not solidify once it is added to the batter, causing streaks. What makes these little cakes so unique is that they're baked in special oval shaped molds with ribbed indentations that gives them a pretty shell shape. (However, you can use small tarts pans or mini muffin pans.) It is important to properly butter and flour your pans so that the baked Madeleines release easily after baking. Madeleines are....

I remember the moment when this little butter cake came to life in my hands. I instantly guessed she would bear the name of a famous French patisserie, the Madeleine.
You certainly have noticed I decided to change the spelling in her name. This is just a little hint to her woolly origins, as "laine" is the material this little girl's mainly made of. ("laine" is the french term for wool)

Madelaine is 15 inches tall. She's exclusively made from natural materials, notably clean carded wool which has been worked through different techniques of needle felting, rolling, or stuffing.  Her tanned skin is jersey fabric from the Netherlands. Her hair is made of the softest alpaca locks which have been home wefted, and sewn onto a cap. It can be styled into many hairdos, or can be left unattached. This type of fiber shouldn't be combed or brushed if you want to keep the locks intact, tough it can washed gently if needed.
Madelaine's body is fully detailed with ears, knees, elbows, a navel and bottom.

Madelaine will come to you with a soft pink gauze dress with hand-embroidered flowers on the front; a pair of hand-knit shoes and a hand-knit big pompom bonnet, a colourful flower headband, and white linen bloomers.

According to the materials used in the construction of Madelaine and her accessories, these are not intended to little children, but to adults who would like to add to their doll collections.
The doll and her accessories can be gently washed in tepid water, and dried flat. No direct light is recommanded.

Thank you for reading about Madelaine.

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Madelaine, 15 inch Natural Fiber Doll by LesPouPZ

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