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Ash - 7" Lali Bunny


7" Lali bunny

A sweet little cottontail bun measuring approx 7" (not including ears) is hoping to hop into someone's heart and home. Her only "need" is someone to love her. Her "wants" list is a little longer. She wants to be carried on car trips. She likes to look out the window at all the scenery. She likes to play road trip scavenger hunt, so she really should be the perfect friend for summer trips. She is especially hoping to see the ocean. She's never been before but has heard many stories and dreaming of the day she can have her own tale from the sea. She says she isn't afraid of sharks either. She said a shark wouldn't know what to think of a bunny in the ocean and would probably be very frightened and swim away. A little bit of an adventurous (dangerous) assumption for such a wee little bun! She's definitely up for just about any type of fun but apparently needs someone to keep her out of trouble too.

She is a light gray color. Her fur is made from 100% organic cotton. Her eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered in cotton floss. She is stuffed with 100% wool. Her head is needle felted in wool. Glass sand pouches have been added to her feet, hands and bottom to give her weight. She will come with a birth certificate with her name and birthday.

Ash - 7" Lali Bunny

Ash - 7" Lali Bunny

Ash - 7" Lali Bunny

Ash - 7" Lali Bunny

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