Tiny baby doll with a carrier

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There is something special about tiny dolls, isn't? They are very handy and cute. Little Nina is only 8 inch (20 cm) high and is ready to find loving mum. She will travel comfortably in her baby carrier and don't worry - she will have clothes for change as well:)))

Baby Nina is made of organic cotton, has short hand embroidered woollen hair and dark blue eyes. Her face is really one of a kind, carefully sculpted using needle felting method. Her body is stuffed with quality soft wool.

She will travel home with all layette: two nappies, brown dress with crocheted top and finish, knitted hat, cardigan, blouse, pants and made of soft angora shoes. Set contains a baby carrier with a pillow and crocheted woollen blanket. She got also a rabbit rattle with a bell inside.

All (the doll and her outfit as well) are made with great care about details using natural very good quality materials. I hope you will like her. For more photos please visit me on Flick page:

Tiny baby doll with a carrier

Tiny baby doll with a carrier

Tiny baby doll with a carrier

Tiny baby doll with a carrier

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