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Elora 19" lil chickpea


Elora is a new lil chickpea size. At almost 19” she seems rather big for her age, but she is indeed quite a petit, lean little girl. She is a bigger girl who offers bigger hugs and great posability for pictures with a wire armature neck, and fabric jointed knees.

Elora has been created with the highest quality, ethically sourced wool and cotton de witte engel interlock fabric.  She has long styleable brown mohair weft hair that has been crocheted into a cap and securely sewn on.

She has gorgeous blue eyes that compliment her beautiful skin tone and sunkissed, freckle dusted face.  Elora’s freckles have been artistically drawn with permanent archival ink and cover her face and body. She is also heavily weighted in her body and feet with glass sand, securely sewn into cloth pouches for added durability.

Elora’s features and adorable dimples have been created over hours of carefully needlefelting wool, so she will forever be able to smile that same endearing smile.

Elora was supposed to be dressed for a canadian winter - but much to my surprise is not a fan of pants. She feels it is a compromise to wear leg warmers and two pairs of socks. Perhaps you may have better luck changing her mind.  

As Elora was a very special girl being the first of her size, and rather persuasive with those cute dimples of hers, she has some very beautiful fabrics for her wardrobe.

Elora’s dress was made just for her from a striped mint and cream coloured didymos woven wrap and fastened with a handmade wooden button. It can be worn frontwards or backwards, depending on her preferences of that day.

She is fortunate enough to have an incredible knitted scarf made with hand- dyed, hand- spun yarn from the incredible Laura of rainbow twist shop, and handmade wooden button.

For the extra chilly windy days, she has a crochet cotton kitty hat with felted detailed nose and ears, embroidered whiskers and charming mismatched vintage button eyes.

My favorite part are her handmade leather shoes, with brass button closures and burned/etched ‘lil chickpea’ detailing on the top and subtly on the soles.

And of course, not to forget her favorite coat tweed coat with silk star detailed interior lining and pockets for all of her treasures.

Thank you so much for coming to visit Elora. While she has been crafted to last generations and partake in many adventures-  Elora is not intended as a toy. She is best suited to a collector or older child with gentle hands and an understanding of her fine materials.

Elora will ship within a week of purchase. $30 shipping in Canada and the United states. Shipping includes tracking and insurance. Overseas shipping will be invoiced separately for exact amount.


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