Snoodle- a pudgy 5" Posie


a 5" Pudgy fairy

Gah! She is so squishy, I am in love!

Snoodle is sewn from organic cotton Sherpa, and softly stuffed so that she is squishable and huggable.    She has chocolate skin with rosey cheeks and deep dark eyes.  Her hair is black brushed mohair, in wee little pigtails, and she has silk antennae too.

Being a fairy, she also has silk wings, of course.  Although, she has filled her sweet belly up with cookies and hot cocoa here, and it may be a trifle difficult for her to flitter about.

Snoodle will arrive in a wee cloth bag, which can also be a nice home for her to stay in if you wish to keep her in your purse (you know, since she can't quite fly yet, you will have to carry her around a bit)

Because of Snoodles little bits, she is best for the adult collector or older child.

Thank you for peeking!

Snoodle- a pudgy 5" Posie

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Snoodle will ship in 3-5 days. International shipping is estimated, and may be more or less depending upon your location, in which case I will happily refund any overage.

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