Maggie by Lollies Dolls


This is Maggie, a beautiful and courageous little girl. She stands 12” tall. Maggie’s skin is made of high quality tricot by De Witte Engel, and she is firmly stuffed with clean carded wool. She has sculpted cheeks, nose, chin and lips. Her hair is made of Dolly Mo mohair yarn crocheted on a wig.

Maggie comes with two dress - a cotton one with ruffled sleeves and edging, and a linen one with a braided neckline. She also has on cashmere/bamboo knitted socks and a hat in a lovely burgundy colour.

Maggie is looking for that special someone with a gentle and compassionate heart to offer her home. All proceeds will be donated to Alexandra and her family.

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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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