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Enter to WIN a Woolhalla "Original Lammie"

Please enter for a chance to win this handmade all-natural "Original Lammie" doll, which I will ship worldwide for free (more notes on entering and shipping below).

Lammie is a little lamb doll that adores being snuggled. This is not the 'original' "Original Lammie", as that one was made and loved-up for years by one of my kids (trust me... you wouldn't want that one even if my child would part with it!).  This is a copy of the original, the same pattern and same huggable and loveableness that made the original a favourite.

"Original Lammie" is a handmade doll made with the finest natural materials; a cotton fabric head stuffed with wool, a cotton sherpa (cotton 'fur') body stuffed with wool, and 100% wool felt (the best stuff!) in the ears.  Lammie is approx. 38 cm/15" tall.

As there are small parts (like the tail, yes Lammie has a tail!), it is recommended that Lammie is for ages 3 and up, and those who do not mouth items at any age. 

The giveaway is open for 24 hours, starting Jan. 1st at 6 pm EST, and ending on January 2nd at 6 pm EST.
One entry per household, please. Anyone using multiple accounts and/or entries will be disqualified. The winner is automatically drawn at closing.

Thank You to all my customers and fans!!

Please visit my Etsy, fb and other pages:

Shipping will be provided at no cost to the winner, without tracking to the USA and International. Canadian shipping includes tracking/insurance. You can purchase insurance (the additional cost of shipping with tracking) to the USA (below). I accept no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items without insurance.  I will contact you with the email provided before I ship.

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