Snow Bunny

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Snow Bunny is a snuggly little bunny who has a lot of fun on "snow days", playing outside and sipping hot chocolate by the fire, while waiting for the first signs of spring to come.

Snow Bunny is a handmade bunny doll made with the finest natural materials, and fabric head stuffed with pure wool. Bunny is made with cotton sherpa (cotton 'fur') and 100% wool felt (the best stuff!).  Snow Bunny has brown eyes and stands approx. 17 cm/6.5" high.

As there are small parts, plus fuzz from the hair, it is recommended that these dolls are for ages 3 and up, and those who do not mouth items at any age. 

Please note: If purchasing more than one item from Woolhalla, I will combine shipping and refund the difference. 

Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny

Tags: Dollectable, dollhouse doll, Woolhalla

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