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  Alice, 14 inches

Let me introduce you to Alice. She's a little country girl. 

Alice is a very simple simple character, so close to nature.

Fall is her favourite season. She likes her daily walks in the country in chilly and wet autumn evenings.

Alice is 14 inches. She's made of natural fibers , and her features are needle felted. Her skin is DeWitte Engel fabric, in light peach colour. Her hair is mohair fiber weft crocheted into a wig. Alice will love her hair to be gently combed or brushed.

Her body is lightly weighted.

She can hold gentle poses and sit nicely.

Alice will come to you with her autumn coloured outfit, composed of the following:

- a heavy-cotton dress, with cute dentelle sewn at the bottom and a little wooden cat button at the front. It opens at the back with handsewn snaps.

- a simple double layered liberty fabric petticoat

- ivory white underpants

- yellow boots made of heavy linen, and lined with assorted liberty fabric. Two little wooden flower buttons are stitched at the sides.

- a pair of mustard coloured handknitted socks

- a scarf made of the same liberty fabric, and trimmed with beautiful off-white pompoms

- an assorted handknitted bonnet with a cute fur pompom that you can remove and place on her hair or her dress, thanks to a pin.

- two hairpins

This doll and her accessories are made for doll collectors due to the presence of numerous little elements and long fibers. But they will still enjoy light play!

Thank you for reading!

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