Sylvie - natural fiber art doll (12 inch)


This year I was on very long vacation. Because I had time at the mornings (I'm the first one going to sleep and to get up in my family) I started to work on this little girl. She was created slowly. You know how things are going on holidays - with some laziness and specific summer energy. However don't think that my mood transfer on Sylvie. Oh now! This child is ready for hard work - school or any other activity! She may look little bit shy but is very helpful and responsible. Wish to be the same:)))

This doll is made of Laib Yala tanned skin tone cotton and stuffed with quality soft wool. Her face and torso are carefully sculpted using needle felted method. Sylvie has natural goat hair and body proportion of a little girl with slim hands and legs. She is only 12 inch high what makes her very handy for play. Her futures are embroidered. She will travel home with following garments: panties, blouse made of Liberty fabric, corduroy short pants, knitted cardigan, socks and made of leather shoes and matched handbag.

All made with great care about details. If you have any further questions, please free to contact me via mail:

Sylvie - natural fiber art doll (12 inch)

Sylvie - natural fiber art doll (12 inch)

Sylvie - natural fiber art doll (12 inch)

Sylvie - natural fiber art doll (12 inch)

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